KaVo Spray

Proper relubrication with KaVo Spray saves time and money. KaVo Spray is specially designed to withstand sterilization making relubrication after sterilization unnecessary, eliminating the risk of recontaminating sterilized handpieces. 

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KaVo Spray

The KaVo Spray system helps your daily surgery routine without environmental damage. Your valuable and precision made KaVo instruments and handpiece attachments are simultaneously cared for and protected. The spray lubricant and cleanser are propelled to exactly the right areas where lubrication and cleaning are regularly required. This is achieved without any CFC’s (chlorofluorocarbons).


High-quality universal care

  • Ensures a long life for the KaVo instruments
  • Individual can with blue marking
  • Environmentally friendly propellent
  • Pack of 6 cans, each containing 500 ml (without spray head)

Part Number:   0411.9640



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