The KaVo Story

Dental Excellence Since 1909

KaVo™ is the premium partner in the dental industry, known for setting new standards in the global dental market. Ongoing innovation is proof — then, now and in the future, we are committed to the goal KaVo’s founders first set in 1909: Dental Excellence.

Known best in North America for its award-winning handpieces, KaVo is now bringing its global proficiency in imaging and treatment units to dentists in the United States and Canada.

With a focus on future-oriented workflow systems and a continuous pipeline of innovations delivering solutions over superficial updates, the KaVo platform is committed to ongoing Dental Excellence.

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2017 – New Logo Revealed

KaVo revealed a new, modern logo at the 152nd Chicago Midwinter Meeting, with a rebranding that emphasizes KaVo’s position in dentistry as a global technology and equipment leader.
expanded portfolio   

2017 – Expanded Product Portfolio

KaVo introduced a comprehensive product portfolio at 152nd Chicago Midwinter Meeting, expanding its product offering beyond market-leading handpieces to include innovative treatment units and imaging solutions under its banner of quality
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2017 – KaVo Imaging Products

KaVo introduces its new line of imaging solutions: ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH™ OP 3D Pro, ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH OP 2D, and FOCUS™. A key step in renovating and projecting the award-winning ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH technology into the future.

2015 – MASTER Technologies

KaVo introduces the MASTERtorque™ M8700 L high-speed handpiece with the advanced technology of the MASTERtorque M8900 L in a mini head. Also launched is the MASTERmatic™ Series of electrics, featuring significant improvements in head size without compromising power and performance.

2014 – MASTER & EXPERT Technologies

KaVo introduces the MASTERtorque M8900 L, one of world’s most powerful and advanced high-speed turbines. KaVo also introduces the new surgical portfolio featuring the MASTERsurg™ and EXPERTsurg™— simple and intuitive surgical motors, redefining the best.

2012 – INTRAmatic is Introduced

KaVo introduces INTRAmatic LUX™ KL703 LED Short Motor, one of the shortest and lightest motors.

2011 – 50 Years of ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH

CBCT era begins. ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH OP300, the most comprehensive 3-in-1 platform is launched to celebrate 50 years of ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH success.

2009 – 100 Year Anniversary & COMFORTdrive

KaVo celebrates 100 years of serving the dental industry of providing dental excellence. KaVo introduces the COMFORTdrive™ — KaVo’s most innovative high-speed electrics system.


A new member to the ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH product family — OP30 — is launched.

2008 – GENTLEmini & GENTLEray

KaVo introduces the GENTLEmini™ LUX 4500 B, a mini head, mighty power handpiece. Also launched is the GENTLEray™ 980 Premium Soft Tissue Diode Laser, the first diode laser with micro-pulsing power.

2005 – GENTLEsilence is Introduced

KaVo introduces GENTLEsilence™ LUX 6500 B – one of the quietest turbines in the world.

2000 – DIAGNOdent is Introduced

KaVo introduces the revolutionary DIAGNOdent™, a caries detection aid.

1999 – New OP100 Innovations

New innovations, such as the lifting cassette head and linear tomography, are introduced along with the OP100 product family.


Direct digital ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH OP100 product family is introduced.

1982 – Transition to Turbines

KaVo integrates the first light conductors into turbines.


ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH system becomes the leading name within dental panoramic imaging with models OP5/OC5, OP6 and OP10/OC10.

1977 – MULTIflex

The KaVo MULTIflex™ is the first quick-release coupling.


The first dental panoramic X-ray, ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH OP1, is developed.

1958 – Borden-Air 60

KaVo launches its first turbine called Borden-Air 60.

1928 – Sterilizable Handpiece

The first sterilizable handpiece is created by KaVo.

1909 – KaVo Founders

KaVo is founded by Alois Kaltenbach and in 1919 Richard Voigt joins the company.