Easy Cleaning System

A clean, hygienic substance for suction devices, aspiration tubes and spittoons.


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Improved Potection

Simplify the daily rinsing of all water conveying lines with the automatic cleaning functions. Four programs guarantee reliable hygiene at the press of a button. During normal operation, continuous germ reduction with OXYGENAL™ 6, prevents microorganisms from multiplying and spreading. The impeccable quality of the cooling and rinsing fluids guarantees an intensive germ reduction (“weekly” cleaning program) even during extended downtimes. HYDROclean™ cleans the entire suction and discharge system and the suction hoses. Furthermore, DEKAPURE™ Gel is dosed automatically, eliminating the manual process for assistants.




Save time with the mixed, ready-to-use KaVo DEKAPUR™ Gel. The gel wets the suction hoses and suction systems and adheres to the contaminated regions, instead of merely passing straight through.

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