Options and Accessories

Accessories for your dental practice equipment including ultrasonic scalers, motors, dentist stools and instruments.

kavo-lux-led-700-700 unknown


Quality Operatory Light

KaVoLUX™ 540 LED, the operating light with natural light of the highest quality. Rely on the KaVoLUX™ 540 LED 5-star light. A natural white light of highest quality. 

header-physio PHYSIO Evo / Evo F

Dentist Stools

The dentist stool KaVo PHYSIO for everyone: dentists AND assistants. Perfect ergonomics with maximum comfort for healthy and fatigue-free working.

Funkfussanlasser-Wellen ESTETICA E70

Foot control

Do It All Foot Control

Navigate all functions – also available as a wireless foot control. The perfect foot control for your ESTETICA™ E70/E80 Vision or E50 Life treatment unit. 


PiezoLED Scaler

Ultrasonic Scaler

Benefit from the wealth of options of the high-end ultrasonic scaler from KaVo. Enjoy the convenience of operation through your KaVo treatment centre. Attain optimal treatment outcomes based on the exact illumination. 

Dental-Instrumente Mikromotoren & Motorsteuerung Dental-Instrumente: Mikromotoren & Motorsteuerung


Electric and Air-driven Motors

KaVo™ motors provide constant-torque over the entire speed range allowing performance and comfort. 

centro-support-700-700 unknown

CENTRO Support System

The Pillar of Strength In The Practice

KaVo CENTRO™: The central organization and support system directly on the treatment unit.



Easy Cleaning System

A clean, hygienic substance for suction devices, aspiration tubes and spittoons.