The KaVo DSEplus simulation unit enables optimum training by delivering a flexible combination of ergonomics and intuative user interface. With KaVo DSEplus the students learn as though in a natural dental surgery environment.


dseplus_park.jpg DSEplus_park

  • Students can simulate all dental treatments under ergonomic and realistic working conditions.
  • Comfortable, and easy to use with it’s adaptable instrument element.
  • Fast and precise adjustment of the patient simulator in the treatment position.



dseplus_basic.jpg DSEplus

  • Complete training unit with pneumatic chassis, storage space, supply unit, pressurized water module, suction module, dentist's element with instrument tubes and 3-F syringe, assistant's element with 2 suction tubes, foot control, patient simulator, cranium with jaws, tooth model, face mask, pneumatic patient positioning system
  • Required media: air for electric instruments and compressed air
  • Optional facilities for connecting laboratory handpiece K4 and laptop



dseplus_arbeit.jpg DSEplus

  • Early accustomization to the medical and dental environment of the practice. Clinical conditions at the preclinical stage
  • Excellent space utilization through compactness
  • Customer-specific version through modular design
  • Ergonomically perfect conditions for accurately simulating future-based disease processes
  • Perfect service connection through 100% KaVo technology
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