KaVo PHYSIO Evo / Evo F

Ergonomics meet design!

Dentist stool KaVo PHYSIO Evo / Evo F: Perfect ergonomics with maximum comfort for healthy and fatigue-free working.

Physio_EVO_F_nachtblau_seitlich PHYSIO Evo / Evo F

Comfort made beautiful

For dentists, it is particularly important to assume a posture that is ergonomically healthy and comfortable in any treatment situation. And nothing influences your posture more than the work chair you use all day, every day.

KaVo is renowned for making products that optimise both ergonomics and comfort. Following this tradition, the KaVo PHYSIO Evo is designed to perfectly meet the needs and work-flows of dentists and dental assistants.

  • Perfect ergonomics with maximum comfort for healthy and fatigue-free working.

  • Perfectly finished KaVo quality for unrestricted reliability in the daily routines in your practice.

  • Attractive colours and a modern design recognised by the GOOD DESIGN AWARD.

  • Best hygiene thanks to precisely matched components with very small gaps and surfaces that are easy to clean.


e50-upholstery-colors-700-700 unknown

Awaken your personal style

Besides ergonomic benefits, the KaVo PHYSIO One comes in attractive colors and a functional design. Select the color that best matches you and your practice. The KaVo PHYSIO Evo / Evo F stool is available in all colors that are also available for ESTETICA™ E70/E80 Vision and E50 Life treatment units.

physio-evoF-daten PHYSIO Evo / Evo F

  • Minimum height of the seat: 465 mm
  • Maximum height of the seat: 660 mm
  • Adjustment range of the seat height: 195 mm
  • Max. width of the seat: 400 mm
  • Depth of the seat: 380 mm
  • Adjustment range of the backrest 30°
  • Seat tilt 15°
  • Base diameter: 535 mm
  • Weight: 26 lbs
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