DIAGNOdent Classic Perio Tip

Hygiene treatments become more effective, prompting the hygienist to continue root planing or scaling to remove missed calculus.

Calculus fluoresces differently than healthy tissue. The device senses the difference and sends a signal to the display, indicating calculus has been identified. 

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Periodontal Probe aids in detecting calculus concrements in periodontal pockets up to 9 mm deep. Detects calculus levels which are quantified acoustically and visually, allowing tracking over time with the perio probe.

  • Check residual plaque to verify successful root cleaning

  • Use for recalls – quantifiable measurement allows objective treatment over time

  • Aids in detecting plaque down into the deepest pockets

  • Reliable, regardless of blood or saliva

  • Painless, non-invasive laser fluorescence detection aid for calculus

  • Patients understand the need for treatment through the audible and visual findings


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  • > 40: Plaque in gingival pockets

  • 5 – 40: Very small plaque sites or plaque removed by the probe tip

  • < 5: Clean gingival pockets


The postoperative bleeding index improves and the pocket depth is noticeably reduced. Results of the clinical study by Prof.  Frentzen of Bonn University have proven this.


Conclusion of clinical studies

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Aids in detecting residual plaque

More plaque was found with the DIAGNOdent perio probe detection aid than with a traditional periodontal explorer (n = 3174 detection surfaces*). The findings various practitioners made with DIAGNOdent were more consistent.


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Bleeding in the periodontal pocket before and 3 months after root cleaning

Patients examined with DIAGNOdent perio probe detection aid had a greater reduction in bleeding index (BOP[s1]) (n = 3174 detection surfaces*).


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Deep pockets (<4mm) are reduced with treatment incorporating the DIAGNOdent

Patients examined with DIAGNOdent perio probe detection aid showed a greater drop in the number of deep pockets (>4 mm, n = 3174 detection surfaces*).


Clinical studies show that incorporating the DIAGNOdent into periodontal treatment improves the therapeutic outcome for your patients. DIAGNOdent Perio Probe offers benefits to you, your hygienist and your patients:

  • Accurate – Clinical studies indicate the Perio Probe aids in the detection of 82% of sub gingival calculus deposits

  • Thorough – Periodontal Probe aids in detecting twice as much sub gingival calculus as conventional methods (CP-12 periodontal probe, Hu–Friedy). Verifies successful root cleaning

  • Quantifiable – Precise, reliable measurement allows objective treatment over time

  • Motivational – Improves patient compliance with recommended periodontal treatment therapy

  • Marketing Tool – High patient acceptance, positions your practice as a leader in promoting good oral health

  • Safe and Comfortable – The perio probe uses light energy – no X-ray exposure. Painless, non-invasive examination for patients.


DIAGNOdent Classic Perio Tip                           Part Number: 1004.1640


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