ELECTROtorque plus

Superior KaVo Performance

The ELECTROtorque™ plus comes standard with KaVo's KL703 LED short, light-weight motor, MULTI LED, Automatic Calibration, and a field replaceable MULTI LED for superior illumination. The ELECTROtorque Plus features superior power and torque with a unique brushless motor, a 3-year warranty (includes motor, tubing and control box), two programmable speed settings, and a motor speed range of 100-40,000 rpm (with various attachments 2-200,000 rpm).


The ELECTROtorque plus meets all your high-speed, low-speed and endodontic needs. Equipped with superior power and torque and unique brushless motor. Two programmable speed settings allow you to The ELECTROtorque Plus features a small, easy to install control box that fits on virtually any delivery system. KL703 LED short motor features a speed range of 100 - 40,000 rpm and works with all universal E-style attachments. The motor features a field replaceable LED, stainless steel housing for longer life and anti-retraction valve to prevent suck-back of contaminated water and spray regulation for optimal spray for cooling.The ELECTROtorque Plus features to two programmable speed settings that can be individually set by the user. The ELECTROtorque Plus also features digital speed control, forward/reverse operation and a powerful, constant torque for faster and more precise preps.  


  •  Brushless KL703 LED electric short motor for ALL your high-speed and low-speed needs
  •  Small, easy to install control box
  •  Motor speed range 100-40,000 rpm (with various  attachments 2-200,000 rpm)
  •  Motor is sterilizable
  •  Motor  torque 3 Ncm
  •  Two programmable speed settings
  •  3-year warranty (includes motor, tubing  and control box)
  •  Water spray can be adjusted  at motor
  •  Integrated light and coolant


ELECTROtorque Plus LUX                                        Part Number: 1002.5015



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