EXPERTtorque Mini LUX E675 L

Expert Cutting Performance

Powerful, smooth and quiet, KaVo’s EXPERTtorque™ handpiece provides excellent bur concentricity which delivers superior cutting performance and faster, smoother preps.  

HPs_Air__EXPERTtorque Mini LUX E675 L air

Expert Series air-driven handpieces offer superior KaVo performance in a standard and mini-head handpiece

The KaVo expert series collection’s quality air-driven handpieces are powerful, smooth and quiet.

They provide superior KaVo performance even in difficult-to-access molar regions. The mini-head offers excellent access and precise cutting performance, when and where you need it most.

EXPERTtorque Mini LUX E675 L

Expert Cutting Performance and visability

KaVo’s EXPERTtorque handpieces have chuck strength of 30N for excellent concentricity which delivers superior cutting performance and faster, smoother preps. KaVo Mini head handpieces provide better access and visibility allowing you to work with ease. Improve your view of the preparation area and easily maneuver the handpiece, even in difficult cases.


EXPERTtorque Mini LUX E675 L

 Patented KaVo design

KaVo’s EXPERTtorque offers improved visibility and freedom of movement through optimized head height, head diameter and the patented KaVo 100° head angle makes your work easier.


EXPERTtorque Mini LUX E675 L


KaVo’s Superior Performance comes standard on all Expert series handpieces. The Superior surface coating for improved tactile feedback.


EXPERTtorque Mini LUX E675 L

MUTLIflex™ couupler

To improve ergonomics and safety, every dental coupler features 360º full rotation with a quick disconnect and a built-in anti-retraction valve. The anti-retraction valve prevents the backflow of potentially contaminated water into the tubing. With the KaVo MULTIflex handpiece coupler in your practice, "just a click does the trick!"


EXPERTtorque Mini LUX E675 L

Industry Leading Warranty

KaVo guarantees the quality of their handpieces. Our handpieces are manufactured with the highest quality parts and very close production tolerances. Protecting your investment with KaVo's QUATTROcare™ Plus increases our standard 2 year warranty on the  EXPERTtorque handpieces to 2 ½ years (US only).


  •  Miniature head with 15 watts of power
  •  Ceramic bearing
  •  MULTIflex™ LUX connection
  •  Push button auto-chuck
  •  3-port spray
  •  Up to 30N Chuck Strength
  •  3rd generation cellular optics with 5-year warranty
  •  Use at minimum drive air pressure 33 psi (2.3 bar)
  •  420,000 rpm
  •  2 year warranty - 2.5 year warranty if maintained using the KaVo QUATTROcare™ Plus Handpiece Maintenance System
EXPERTtorque Mini LUX E675 L                     Part Number: 1006.6400


Kerr Rotary Axis Dental

KA-HP-Kerr_Rotary_Burrs KA-HP-Kerr_Rotary_Burrs

Kerr Rotary

From restoration to root canals, we know you work with dozens of products a day that allow you to perfect your craft. Using Kerr Rotary with KaVo handpieces can allow you to sychronize your technique and ensure good clinical outcome. Prep to finish, our versatile portfolio of rotary products empowers you to get precise results—every time.

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