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KaVo has always been the leader in providing advanced solutions for dental practitioners. Our vast line of quality handpieces showcases our attention to your level of care while delivering performance that lasts. It is our passion for excellence that enables us to deliver the best air-driven, electric and surgical systems worldwide. 

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KaVo's Air-driven handpieces offer a wide variety of options ranging in high-speed, low-speed options for the best clinical outcomes for virtually any proceedure. Genuine KaVo turbines are individually balanced and electronically tested to meet the highest concentricity requirements. Properly balanced turbines leads to lower noise during use. Explore our collection of Master, Expert and Smart series air-driven handpieces. 


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With the introduction of KaVo’s new MASTERmatic™ handpieces, KaVo™ now offers a comprehensive electrics upgrade system. By combining KaVo's smallest head size for best access and visibility, a reliable triple gear system, and a short, light-weight motor, KaVo provides you with the ideal solution for synchronized efficiency.



The user friendly QUATTROcare™ Plus automatic handpiece maintenance system is designed to clean, lubricate and purge your instruments with the simple push of a button. The automatic dispenser delivers the precise amount of cleaner and lubricant required to maintain your hanpieces prior to sterilization. Proper handpiece care and maintenance leads to longer handpiece life, reduced repair costs and reduced costly downtime. 

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KaVo Hygiene is a complete solution which helps you provide your patients with great dental care. Start the hygiene workflow with the SONICflex™ Scaler for scaling, then PROPHYflex™ for tooth cleaning, PROPHYwiz for tooth polishing, and DIAGNOdent for caries and sub-gingival calculus detection. 



Surgical Systems

The New KaVo™ Surgical portfolio redefines the best. They are simple, intuitive and easy to use with large color screens and pictorial guides for step-by-step procedures. The units offer intelligent power and precise torque. Discover KaVo's MASTERsurg™ and EXPERTsurg™.



KaVo makes a variety of indication-specific instruments, such as the CORONAflex™, to improve your efficiency. Explore KaVo's tools to help you perform your best.

Dental Instruments / Dentistry Instruments are an essential component of any thriving dental health practice

The best practitioners choose companies whose products are constantly evolving to make procedures more efficient, technologically-adept, rewarding and successful.

This is why experts choose KaVo dental instruments. Our substantial commitment to research in ergonomic and anatomical studies and consequent innovative achievements in those fields, have led us to become one of the world's leading provider of superior dental instruments.

We call our KaVo MASTERtorque M9000 the Intelligent Dental Turbine. Over fifty years of applied research and consistent product production has led to the creation of this perfectly balanced dental instrument, especially calibrated to afford professionals extended periods of handling with dependable precision and maximum comfort.

Do you also know the high-quality dental handpieces and contra angles from KaVo? KaVo dental handpieces have a long life and high reliability through selection of very high-quality materials and extremely high manufacturing tolerances which lead to cost-efficiency paired with high-quality technology.

Our extensive and celebrated portfolio of industry-leading dental instruments also includes an array of special instruments. From our PROPHYflex 3 powder blast handpiece to our KaVo SONICflex air scaler, KaVo has the perfect dental instruments to enhance your procedural outcomes and simplify your workflow. Dental experts know that tough teeth cleaning, polishing and caries detection with lesser tools can result in tremendous discomfort for patients and prolonged and taxing work periods for practitioners. Choose the PROPHYflex 3 powder blast handpiece for an alternative that’s safe and comfortable for your clients. KaVo PROPHYflex perio tip achieves unprecedented reach and efficiency during subgingival procedures. This dental instrument allows for thorough and careful cleaning of sensitive areas as well as those that are difficult to reach.

For essential special dental instruments to optimise the work day at your dental practice, look to KaVo Dental’s SONICflex air scaler. As possibly one of the most versatile dental instrument that you’ll ever use, the SONICflex is the perfect tool for all of your conservatively invasive dental needs ranging from Prophylaxis to surgery. KaVo’s comprehensive portfolio of dental instruments also includes couplers and motors, small devices and consumables including care materials.