Discover a Wide Variety of Options

KaVo’s Air-driven handpieces offer a wide variety of options ranging in high-speed, low-speed options for the best clinical outcomes for virtually any procedure. Genuine KaVo turbines are individually balanced and electronically tested to meet the highest concentricity requirements. Properly balanced turbines leads to lower noise during use. Explore our collection of Master, Expert and Smart series air-driven handpieces. 


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Master Series

With KaVo's most powerful handpieces our Master series premium air-driven handpieces operate at a very low frequency range; in fact, MASTERtorque™ M8900 L and MASTERtorque Mini M8700 L are two of the quietest high-speed air handpieces around. An extremely well-balanced turbine reduces acoustic pressure and high-frequency peaks to protect your hearing and helps create a relaxing environment for all. The unique ball-bearing technology guarantees quiet and virtually vibration-free operation.

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Expert Series

Expert series air-driven handpieces offer superior KaVo performance in a standard and mini-head handpiece. The KaVo Expert series air-driven handpieces are powerful, smooth and quiet. They provide superior KaVo performance even in difficult-to-access molar regions. 

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Smart Series

KaVo Smart series air-driven handpieces feature a high power, precision-balanced turbine for optimum balance and virtually vibration-free operation. The Smart series air-driven dental handpieces provide reliable performance during crown and bridge preparations.

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The INTRAmatic™ series features an integrated air motor for high torque in an ergonomic package. These unique handpieces fit on KaVo's MULTIflex™ coupler system and feature fused glass rod technology resulting in no degradation of light quality after repeated sterilization. 

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MULTIflex Couplers

No matter which brand of light source you have, all you need is a MULTIflex LUX handpiece coupler to use with a wide range of KaVo handpieces and instruments. For you, this means a quick change of instruments in the operatory and high cost-efficiency due to a common coupling system. With the KaVo MULTIflex handpiece coupler in your practice, "just a click does the trick!"


SMARTmatic Low-speed Series

The Smart Choice For Your Practice.

Introducing KaVo SMARTmatic™. The new SMARTmatic series unites KaVo‘s trusted quality with smart features for optimal ease of use and successful clinical outcomes. SMARTmatic straight and contra-angle handpieces combine excellent conditions with amazing performance, reliability, versatility, and efficiency.

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Low-Speed Motors

Light-weight and sterilizable, KaVo's low-speed air motors provide superior performance and better ergonomics.