MASTERmatic LUX M29 L Low-Speed

Low-Speed, Contra-Angle

MASTERmatic™ LUX M29 L Low-speed, Contra-angle handpiece allows for optimal access and maximum precision for all procedures.

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MASTERmatic LUX M29 L Low-speed, Contra-angle handpiece allows for optimal access and maximum precision for all procedures.

Simple and quick integration with KaVo INTRA LUX heads to perform any procedure. 



MASTERmatic M29 L


The MASTERmactic series allows for treatment flexibility with easy integration with INTRA LUX heads for any of the following indications:

  • Restoration
  • Hygiene
  • Endodontics
  • Microsurgery


MASTERmatic M29 L

Exchangeable Spray Water Filter

The MASTERmatic series offers consistent and reliable cooling spray performance. The uniqure field exchangeable water filter reduces downtime for repair and allows for a  more productive practice, meaning more revenue generated.


MASTERmatic M29 L


The Plasmatec coating on all MASTERmatic instruments ensures a secure grip which allows a better tactile feeling and reduced fatigue during long treatments. There is no need to apply additional pressure to prevent the handpiece from slipping due to this exclusive coating.


MASTERmatic M29 L

Reduced Investment

Purchase one contra-angle and have unlimited possibilities. There is no need for the additional investment of a brand new instrument to take on additional procedures. Simply invest in an additional INTRA LUX head to increase the types of procedures performed.



  •  Reduction 7.4:1
  •  Speed range up to 5,500 rpm
  •  Cellular optic
  •  Internal air/water coolant
  •  Works on electric or air motors that have a universal “E” type connection
  •  Plasmatec Anti-Slip Finish
  •  Improved angulation
  •  Flexibility of use when paired with different INTRA LUX Heads
  •  2 year warranty - 2.5 year warranty if maintained using the KaVo QUATTROcare™ Plus Handpiece Maintenance System
MASTERmatic M29 L Part Number: 1009.3580


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