MASTERmatic M10 L Low-Speed

Low-Speed, Straight Handpiece

Introducing the new MASTERmatic™ LUX M10 L Low-speed, Straight handpiece. This handpiece is ideal for a variety of dental procedures and chair-side adjustments.

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Introducing the new MASTERmatic M10 L with updated design features and industry leading warranty.

This handpiece is ideal for a variety of dental procedures and chair-side adjustments.

MASTERmatic M10L


With the E-style connection and 1:1 transmission, the speed on the M10 L can be adjusted from 100 to 40,000 rpm to the optimal level for dental procedures such as the removal of carious material, cavity and crown preparations, removal of fillings, processing of tooth and restoration surfaces or chair-side adjustments of prosthetics.


MASTERmatic M10L


The Plasmatec coating on all MASTERmatic instruments ensures a secure grip which allows a better tactile feeling and reduced fatigue during long treatments. There is no need to apply additional pressure to prevent the handpiece from slipping due to this exclusive coating.





  •  Transmission 1:1
  •  Speed range up to 40,000 rpm
  •  Works on electric or air motors that have a universal “E” type connection
  •  Plasmatec Anti-Slip Finish
  •  Cellular optic
  •  Internal air/water coolant
  •  For straight handpiece burs 2.334 to 2.35mm and contra angle burs 2.35mm (burstop must be used, and is included with purchase)
  •  2 year warranty - 2.5 year warranty if maintained using the KaVo QUATTROcare™ Plus Handpiece Maintenance System
MASTERmatic M10 L                                        Part Number: 1009.3570


Kerr Rotary Axis Dental

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Kerr Rotary

From restoration to root canals, we know you work with dozens of products a day that allow you to perfect your craft. Using Kerr Rotary with KaVo handpieces can allow you to sychronize your technique and ensure good clinical outcome. Prep to finish, our versatile portfolio of rotary products empowers you to get precise results—every time.

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