Gendex GXDP-300

Performance Meets Simplicity

With the Gendex™ GXDP-300™ digital panorex system, you get exactly what your practice needs for diagnostic efficiency and improved office productivity—great-looking images at a competitive price.

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Highlights & Advantages

  • Features the most commonly used image modes

  • Proprietary FOX™ technology quickly captures well-defined, high-quality images

  • The EasyPosition™ system and alignment guides appropriately place and stabilize patients of all sizes to reduce movement and optimize accuracy

  • Bitewing view comes standard along with Adult and Child Panoramic and TMJ projections

  • Simple three-step operation makes it easy for team members to obtain great-looking images

  • Unique head support holds the patient stable to reduce movement and improve image quality

  • Modern design and compact footprint



Our Focus is You

One look at the new GXDP-300 and it’s clear our focus is You. Image quality, performance, reliability, and affordability… leave it to Gendex to create a digital panoramic system with you in mind. The GXDP-300 incorporates the features you are looking for: the most commonly-used imaging modes; a simple, three-step process; and a sleek, compact body design that’s built for long life. 




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Comprehensive Views, Clear and Sharp

Better diagnostics with panoramic imaging begins with accurate, clear views of the patient’s anatomy. The GXDP-300 features proprietary FOX (Focus-Optimized X-ray) technology to capture well-defined, high-quality images — in an instant — with consistent magnification and image uniformity. Use VixWin™ Platinum with its powerful imaging tools to advance diagnostic capabilities and accelerate workflow, or view images in a variety of imaging software programs employing GxTWAIN interface.


​Positioned for Success

The EasyPosition system and instructive alignment guides appropriately place and stabilize patients of all sizes, including those needing wheelchair accessibility, to reduce movement and optimize accuracy. Complete your patient scans in just a few simple steps: using the touchscreen control panel, select the imaging projection, choose the appropriate patient size, and take the scan. It’s truly that fast and easy!


Gendex-GXDP-300-pan-x-ray-details-fox Gendex-GXDP-300-pan-x-ray-details-fox

Good for Your Image

  • High-quality images meet diagnostic demands

  • Bitewing view comes standard along with Adult and Child Panoramic and TMJ projections

  • FOX (Focus-Optimized X-ray) technology increases the depth-of-field for optimized radiographic image clarity


Good for Your Team

  • Simple three-step operation — choose the projection, select the patient size, and take the pan

  • The EasyPosition system stabilizes patients for clear, consistent images in a short amount of time

  • Laser alignment lights accurately guide patient positioning

  • Column controls allow for easy patient height adjustment

  • Large LCD touchscreen interface makes program selection intuitive

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Good for Your Patients

  • Chin rest features adaptable anterior position adjustment for optimal patient placement

  • Unique head support holds the patient stable to reduce movement

  • Ergonomically designed handgrips help enhance patient comfort

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Good for Your Office

  • Modern design in a compact footprint is an attractive addition to any practice

  • Engineering excellence and attentive customer support provide dependable operation

  • Integrates easily into the office network


Technical Specifications

Focal Spot

0.5mm IEC 60336/1993

Tube Voltage

66–77 kV

Tube Current

100 V~ 8 mA
120 V~ 10 mA
220–240 V~ 10 mA

Nominal Voltage

100–125 VAC or 220–240 VAC, 50/60Hz

HU Capacity


Minimum Total Filtration

2.6 mm AI

Wheelchair accessible




Image Detector


Sensor Pixel Size

48 µm

Image Pixel Size

96 µm

Scan/Exposure Time

5–12 seconds

Image Field Height

147.5 mm

Imaging Programs

Standard, Pediatric, TMJ Lateral, Bitewing


120 kg / 265 lbs

Minimum System Requirements for 3D Acquisition Workstation

CPU (processor)

Intel® Core™ i3, 2‑cores or more

GPU (graphics processing unit)

No special requirements

RAM (memory)

4 GB or more

Storage (hard disk)

8 GB free disk space, 100 GB or more recommended, plus backup


Gigabit Ethernet 1000 Mb/s or Fast Ethernet 100 Mb/s

Operating System

Windows® 10 Pro or Enterprise, 64‑bit recommended, 32‑bit supported
Windows 8.1 Pro or Enterprise, 64‑bit recommended, 32‑bit supported Windows 7 Professional, Ultimate or Enterprise with SP1, 64‑bit recommended, 32‑bit supported


1680 x 1050 resolution higher, at least 300 cd/m2 brightness for typical room lighting, native contrast ratio 100:1 or better, 8‑bit panel strongly recommended


OpenCL 1.1 support
DVD‑ROM drive
Anti‑virus software


Please refer to software and device installation manuals for detailed requirements

Core™, GeForce®, Intel®, Microsoft®, NVIDIA®, Quadro®, Windows® and Xeon® are trademarks of their respective owners.

Dimensional Drawings

Gendex-GXDP-300-pan-x-ray-dim-drawing Gendex-GXDP-300-pan-x-ray-dim-drawing

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