Professional Dental Cleaning with KaVo PROPHYpearls

Prophylaxis with KaVo – simple for you and pleasant for your patients. KaVo’s PROPHYpearls™ are spherical shapes and provide optimum cleaning power. 

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PROPHYpearls roll away stains, plaque and calculus gently and powerfully. As they optimize cleaning performance, PROPHYpearls are gentle to sound tooth structure, thereby avoiding surface damage. This advanced calcium carbonate powder provides faster cleaning and your patients will appreciate the non-salty taste. 


Tried and tested for 10 years

For 10 years, KaVo’s PROPHYpearls have proven themselves as a reliable and gentle cleaning powder. The pearls’ smooth surface ensures effective and gentle dental cleaning. 

10 Years PROPHYpearls – now new in many fresh flavours.



Professional dental cleaning with KaVo PROPHYpearls

KaVo’s PROPHYpearls are spherical shapes and hence provide optimum cleaning power: The round surfaces offer more contact points than conventional powders and therefore work even more efficiently. At the same time they are particularly gentle on the teeth.


prophypearls-oberflaeche.jpg Prophylaxe Kollektion

With their infinite number of contact points, KaVo’s PROPHYpearls roll across tooth surfaces and therefore work even more efficiently.


prophypearls-winkel.jpg Prophylaxe Kollektion

KaVo’s PROPHYpearls and KaVo’s PROPHY Superpearls: angle of operation 10° to 60°. Thanks to this more acute angle, KaVo’s PROPHYpearls roll with an infinite number of contact points across the tooth surface and thus release their full effect.


prophypearls-cleaned.jpg Prophylaxe Kollektion

Professional cleaning by means of KaVo’s PROPHYpearls is effective and friendly to the substance. (x150 magnification).


prophypearls.jpg Prophylaxe Kollektion

KaVo’s PROPHYpearls without corners or edges. (Particle size, 60μ - 70μ).


  • PROPHYpearls roll away stains, plaque and calculus accurately, gently and powerfully.
  • Optimized cleaning performance.
  • Gentler treatment to sound tooth structure, avoiding surface damage.
  • Faster cleaning.
  • Suitable for PROPHYflex 2 and 3 as well as all other manufacturers air polishing systems.
  • No chemical reaction to air humidity, resulting in no clogging.
  • Calcium carbonate powder elimanates salty taste, thus increasing patient acceptance.



Part Number

PROPHYpearls Neutral (4 bottles)

Part Number 1010.1798

PROPHYpearls Neutral (80 sticks)

Part Number 1010.1826

PROPHYpearls Mint (80 sticks)

Part Number 1010.1828

PROPHYpearls Peach (80 sticks)

Part Number 1010.1829

PROPHYpearls Orange (80 sticks)

Part Number 1010.1830

PROPHYpearls Berry (80 sticks)

Part Number 1010.1831


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