Smart Series

Reliable and Affordable KaVo Technology

KaVo Smart series air-driven handpieces feature a high power, precision-balanced turbine for optimum balance and virtually vibration-free operation. The Smart series air-driven dental handpieces provide reliable performance during crown and bridge preparations.

air-driven-smart-series-s619l-overview-image unknown

SMARTtorque S619 L

Standard Head Size

KaVo’s Precision Engineering and Technology comes standard on all Smart series handpieces. 

air-driven-smart-series-s615l-mini-overview-image unknown

SMARTtorque Mini LUX S615 L

Mini Head Size

Smaller head size featuring KaVo's balanced turbines, quiet operation and reliability for a smoother vibration free performance. 

SMARTtorque mini S605 C

SMARTtorque Mini S605 C

Technology from KaVo a brand you trust

KaVo’s Precision Engineering and Technology comes standard on all SMART series handpieces.

SURGtorque S 459 L

SURGtorque LUX S459 L

Cutting Power

A new angle that‘s distinctively KaVo Superlative Performance. Cutting performance, higher precision, increased access and safer preparations are some of the many benefits of SURGtorque handpieces.

SURGtorque S 459 C

SURGtorque LUX S459 C

Cutting Power