Electric Systems

KaVo's ELECTROtroque™ system can be used for virtually any high and low-speed procedure today. KaVo's KL703 LED short, light-weight motor and selection of ELECTROtroque systems provides you with the ideal solution for exceptional performance.

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Efficient Performance

The ELECTROtorque™ TLC, now with exciting and innovative features like KL703 LED short, light-weight motor, MULTI™ LED, automatic calibration, and endo functionality. No more searching and set up of a separate endo motor and no more wasted counter space – endo operation is available with the push of a button.


ELECTROtorque plus

Superior KaVo Performance

The ELECTROtorque™ plus comes standard with KaVo's KL703 LED short, light-weight motor, MULTI LED, Automatic Calibration, and a field replaceable MULTI LED for superior illumination. The ELECTROtorque Plus features superior power and torque with a unique brushless motor, a 3-year warranty (includes motor, tubing and control box), two programmable speed settings, and a motor speed range of 100-40,000 rpm (with various attachments 2-200,000 rpm).

COMFORTdrive System

COMFORTdrive System

KaVo's Most Innovative High-Speed

The COMFORTdrive is for those preferring an air handpiece for the light weight, ergonomic design as well as those who appreciate an electric handpiece for its precision cutting and quieter sound. The COMFORTdrive operates at only 55 dB, making it the quietest high-speed handpiece on the market today. COMFORTdrive offers a blend of optimal performance and superior ergonomiccs with whisper quiet operation, making it the most innovative high-speed ever.