SMARTtorque Mini S605 C

Technology from KaVo a brand you trust

KaVo’s Precision Engineering and Technology comes standard on all SMART series handpieces.

HPs_Air__SMARTtorque Mini S605 C air

SMARTtorque Mini S605 C handpiece features a smaller head design allowing you the best access and visability during treatment proceedures.


SMARTtorque mini S605 C

Technology from KaVo a brand you trust

The KaVo SMART series features innovations like balanced turbine cartridges, unique angular design, quiet operation and reliability are now available at an affordable price.


SMARTtorque mini S605 C

Smoother vibration free performance

SMART series handpieces have chuck strength of 30N for no bur-slip, concentric cutting and smoother performance. Also the handpieces operate at very low noise level and frequency making your office quiet.


  •  Non-optic miniature head with 13 watts of power
  •  Optimum balance between speed and torque
  •  Standard 4-hole connection
  •  Push-button auto chuck
  •  1-port spray
  •  Use at minimum drive air pressure 40 psi (2.8 bar)
  •  1-year warranty
  •  30N Chuck Strength


SMARTtorque Mini S605 C                         Part Number: 1008.1645


Kerr Rotary Axis Dental

KA-HP-Kerr_Rotary_Burrs KA-HP-Kerr_Rotary_Burrs

Kerr Rotary

From restoration to root canals, we know you work with dozens of products a day that allow you to perfect your craft. Using Kerr Rotary with KaVo handpieces can allow you to sychronize your technique and ensure good clinical outcome. Prep to finish, our versatile portfolio of rotary products empowers you to get precise results—every time.

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