SONICflex quick 2008 L

Powerful Air Scaler

The KaVo SONICflex™ quick 2008 L is the most powerful air scaler of its class. The handpiece with a wide range of uses. It supports your efforts with adjustable performance levels, for every indication – strong and precise. The wide range of options offered will soon make it one of your most-used instruments. Choose the right tip for your needs from the wide range of options.

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The most comprehensive spectrum of clinical indications, including gentle prophylactic treatment, of all sonically powered scalers available on the market

  • Easy and fast tip-change – effective, saves time, and prevents unnecessary interruptions of your workflow
  • Very high clinical power – up to 50% more than the predecessor model – difficult plaque is easily removed
  • No additional equipment is necessary; just connect it to the KaVo MULTIflex™ coupling, without any annoying, over-floor cables, or additional foot controls
  • Optimum illumination: 25,000 LUX for clear visibility, without eye-fatigue - also available with LED
  • Substantially quieter than comparable models offered by competitors (up to 15 dB) – which translates into less stress for the dental team and patients
  • Proven KaVo quality – the KaVo SONICflex represents the third scaler generation from KaVo, the culmination of 25 years of knowledge and experience




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Tip-top power and a wide variety of applications is just a SNAP away with the KaVo SONICflex. The wide range of tip options available for the SONICflex handpieces offer superior versatility.  Choose the right tip for your needs.



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To improve ergonomics and safety, every dental coupler features 360º full rotation with a quick disconnect and a built-in anti-retraction valve. The anti-retraction valve prevents the backflow of potentially contaminated water into the tubing. With the KaVo MULTIflex handpiece coupler in your practice, "just a click does the trick!"


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Three easily adjustable performance settings – optimum working conditions, for every indication. Substantially quieter than comparable models offered by competitors (up to 15 dB).  

No additional equipment is necessary; just connect it to the KaVo  MULTIflex coupling, without an annoying, over flow of cables or additional foot controls.

 Plasmatec Coating

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 Plasmatec ensures a secure grip which allows a better tactile feeling and reduced fatigue during long treatments. There is no need to apply additional pressure to prevent the handpiece from slipping due to this exclusive coating.


  • Universal instrument for a wide range of applications

  • Air/water coolant exits at tip

  • New hygienic grip (Plasmatec)

  • Three different performance levels

  • MULTIflex™ connection - optic (2008 L), non-optic (2008)

  • Automatic drive air regulator

  • Operates at 36psi (2.5 bar)
  • Set water at 15 psi

SONICflex quick 2008 L Set                          Part Number: 1007.1604 
SONICflex quick L (w/o tips)                         Part Number: 1005.9310 
SONICflex quick 2003 Set                             Part Number: 1007.1606 
SONICflex  2008 (w/o tips)                            Part Number: 1005.9311 



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