SONICflex Tips

Variety Developed To A Fine Point

The right fit for every use. The wide range of options offered by the SONICflex™ will soon make it one of your most-used instruments. Choose from the right tip for your needs from the wide range of types. Over 50 tips for every application.

SONICflex Hygiene Scaler Tips

Preventative —A variety of tips for tenacious calculus removal. Clean shallow pockets tips for effective and gentle calculus removal, hygiene.


The problem—Plaque and tartar are truly stubborn cases. Their removal in prophylaxis and recall is often very hard work. Enamel and tissue could be accidentally damaged.


The solution—The SONICflex scaler system with a variety of tips for long-lasting tartar removal by means of oscillation: 

  • 3 standard tips: universal, sickle, perio
  • 1 special tip: perio extra long


sonic-tip-5 unknown

Hygiene—Scaler Tip #5

For calculus removal on all tooth surfaces

Part number 0571.5171


sonic-tip-6 unknown

Hygiene—Scaler Tip #6

For pedo use and areas of difficult access

Part number 0571.5181


sonic-tip-7 unknown

Hygiene—Scaler Tip #7

For subgingival scaling

Part number 0571.5191


sonic-tip-8 unknown

Hygiene—Scaler Tip #8

For subgingival calculus

Part number 0571.5371


sonic-tip-60 unknown

Hygiene—Perio Tip #60

Straight—For anterior region

Part number 0571.7402


sonic-tip-61 unknown

Hygiene—Perio Tip #61

Left—For furcations, molar regions

Part number 0571.7412


sonic-tip-62 unknown

Hygiene—Perio Tip #62

Right—For furcations, molar regions

Part number 0571.7422

SONICflex Hygiene Cleaning Tips

Preventative—Oscillating brushes for gentle and effective plaque removal and cavity cleaning, fissure cleaning prior to sealing and cleaning of inlay cavities.


The problem—Some products for professional tooth care are too aggressive or virtually ineffective. Some instruments do not reach poorly accessible regions.


The solution—A new method for gentle, efficient plaque removal by sound, with a broad spectrum of vibrating brushes, SONICflex clean:

  • Conically shaped brush, small and large
  • Flat-shaped brush, small and large. Spiral-shaped brush, small and large


sonic-tip-48 unknown

Hygiene—Impant Tip #48

For cleaning with no abrasion

Part number 0571.0401


sonic-brush-1 unknown

Hygiene—Clean Brush #1

For use in TIP #48

Part number 0571.0402


sonic-brush-2 unknown

Hygiene—Clean Brush #2

For use in TIP #48

Part number 0571.0412


sonic-brush-3 unknown

Hygiene—Clean Brush #3

For use in TIP #48

Part number 0571.0422


sonic-brush-4 unknown

Hygiene—Clean Brush #4

For use in TIP #48

Part number 0571.0432


sonic-brush-5 unknown

Hygiene—Clean Brush #5

For use in TIP #48

Part number 0571.0472


sonic-brush-6 unknown

Hygiene—Clean Brush #6

For use in TIP #48

Part number 0571.0482

SONICflex Rootplaner Tips

Periodontics—Diamond-coated, contra-angle tips for mechanical root cleaning and smoothing in periodontal surgery.


The problem—Periodontal treatments with graft operations are complicated and physically stressful. The furcation proves to be a weak point: it has only limited access and is difficult to clean.


The solution—The KaVo SONICflex rootplaner tips for easy processing of remote or narrow furcation regions. Eases the physically stressful periodontal treatment with graft operation for the dentist and patient:

  • Differently angled tips with working ends of different sizes 
  • Singly angled bud for cleaning smooth surfaces
  • The contra-angle bud for furcation cleaning


sonic-tip-24 unknown

Hygiene—Rootplanner Tip #24

Small bud, left—hard to reach furcations

Part number 0571.5621


sonic-tip-25 unknown

Hygiene—Rootplanner Tip #25

Small bud, right—hard to reach furcations

Part number 0571.5631


sonic-tip-26 unknown

Hygiene—Rootplanner Tip #26

Small bud, universal

Part number 0571.5641


sonic-tip-27 unknown

Hygiene—Rootplanner Tip #27

Large bud, perio

Part number 0571.5651

SONICflex Endodontic Tips

Surgery—Diamond coated contra-angled tips for minimally invasive, axial retrograde preparation, filling of the root canal and preparation of undercuts.


The problem—The retrograde root canal treatment: limited space, restricted lateral access. Bone substance has to be protected and the stability of the tooth preserved. Rotary instruments sometimes produce the opposite effect: large bone windows, more difficult axial preparation of the canal.


The solution—The KaVo SONICflex retro system permits gentle, accurate and efficient sound-based retrograde root canal treatment with contra-angle diamond-coated tips:

  • Isthmus (left and right)
  • Cylinder (left and right)
  • T-shape (left and right)
  • Special tip for displaced apices.
  • Filling instruments (left and right)


sonic-tip-66 unknown

Endodontics—Endo Tip #66

Large bud, eval of access cavities

Part number 1000.5825


sonic-tip-67 unknown

Endodontics—Endo Tip #67

Tip angle 125° expansion of larger channels

Part number 1000.5822


sonic-tip-68 unknown

Endodontics—Endo Tip #68

Tip angle 117° expansion of larger channels

Part number 1000.5823


sonic-tip-69 unknown

Endodontics—Endo Tip #69

Removal of residual root canal fillings

Part number 1000.5827


sonic-tip-70 unknown

Endodontics—Endo Tip #70

Tip angle 117° for large channels

Part number 1000.5821


sonic-tip-16 unknown

Endodontics—Retro Tip #16

Cylinderical, small, left, prep of channel

Part number 0571.5541


sonic-tip-17 unknown

Endodontics—Retro Tip #17

Cylinderical, small, right, prep of channel

Part number 0571.5581


sonic-tip-20 unknown

Endodontics—Retro Tip #20

T-shape, small, left, prep of the undedrcut

Part number 0571.5521


sonic-tip-21 unknown

Endodontics—Retro Tip #21

T-shape, small, right, prep of the undedrcut

Part number 0571.5561


sonic-tip-55 unknown

Endodontics—Retro Tip #55

Anterior tooth

Part number 0571.7342


sonic-tip-56 unknown

Endodontics—Retro Tip #56

Isthmus, left

Part number 0571.7322


sonic-tip-57 unknown

Endodontics—Retro Tip #57

Isthmus, right

Part number 0571.7332

SONICflex Minimally Invasive Micro Tips

Special tip system for small, difficult-to-access lesions in the proximal region. Tips diamond-coated on one side allow direct access to initial lesions from an occlusal or buccal direction. Maintenance of healthy tooth substance.


sonic-tip-30 unknown

Minimally Invasive Dentistry—Micro Tip #30

Small hemisphere, mesial

Part number 0571.6811


sonic-tip-31 unknown

Minimally Invasive Dentistry—Micro Tip #31

Small hemisphere, distal

Part number 0571.6801


sonic-tip-32 unknown

Minimally Invasive Dentistry—Micro Tip #32

Large hemisphere, mesial

Part number 0571.6831


sonic-tip-33 unknown

Minimally Invasive Dentistry—Micro Tip #33

Large hemisphere, distal

Part number 0571.6821


sonic-tip-58 unknown

Minimally Invasive Dentistry—Bevel Tip #58

Mesial tip

Part number 0571.7392


sonic-tip-59 unknown

Minimally Invasive Dentistry—Bevel Tip #59

Distal tip

Part number 0571.7382


sonic-tip-42 unknown

Minimally Invasive Dentistry—Cari-ex Tip #42

Ball shaped for excavation 0.8 mm

Part number 1000.7105


sonic-tip-43 unknown

Minimally Invasive Dentistry—Cari-ex Tip #43

Ball shaped for excavation 1.2 mm

Part number 1000.7167


sonic-tip-71 unknown

Minimally Invasive Dentistry—Cari-ex Tip #71

Ball shaped for excavation 1.0 mm

Part number 1000.7362


sonic-tip-72 unknown

Minimally Invasive Dentistry—Cari-ex Tip #72

Ball shaped for excavation 1.4 mm

Part number 1000.7363

SONICflex Prep Gold Tips

Prosthetics—One-sided diamond coated tips for defined approximal finishing for cast gold inlays and partial crowns.


The problem—Approximal gold inlays and partial crowns require a high degree of skill and optimal working materials. Desirable basic shapes and edge geometry often cannot be achieved with rotary instruments. Instead, the result is irregular edges and edge angles with unstable enamel structures.


The solution—The KaVo SONICflex prep gold tips which have been specially developed for gold inlays and partial crowns, with optimum bevel angles:

  • Tips diamond-coated on one side and with defined edge angles
  • lateral 45° and cervical 35°


sonic-tip-49 unknown

Preps—Gold Tip #49

Mesial Tip

Part number 0571.7212


sonic-tip-50 unknown

Preps—Gold Tip #50

Distal Tip

Part number 0571.7212

SONICflex Prep Ceramic Tips

Prosthetics—One sided diamond coated tips for defined approximal finishing for adhesive inlays and onlays.


The problem—Ideally, approximal adhesive inlays and onlays fit exactly into the cavity: with different bevel angles and edges, harmonious transitions, no undercuts. However this is extremely difficult to achieve. Rotary instruments often give rise to the opposite: irregular shapes and hence a poor basis for the dental technician.


The solution—KaVo SONICflex prep ceram permits perfect finishing and exactly defined cavities through precise transfer of the geometry of the tips directly to the tooth substance. With tips specially developed for adhesive inlays and onlays with optimum bevel angles:

  • Tips with defined edge angles: lateral (60°) and cervical (75°)
  • Tips diamond-coated on one side (mesial and distal)


sonic-tip-51 unknown

Preps—Ceram Tip #51

Mesial Tip

Part number 0571.7262


sonic-tip-52 unknown

Preps—Ceram Tip #52

Distal Tip

Part number 0571.7272

SONICflex Prep CAD/CAM Tips

Prosthetics—One sided diamond coated tips for defined approximal finishing for CAD/CAM restorations.


sonic-tip-34 unknown

Preps—CAD/CAM Tip #34

Mesial Tip

Part number 1002.1984


sonic-tip-35 unknown

Preps—CAD/CAM Tip #35

Distal Tip

Part number 1002.1986

SONICflex Prep Cem Tips

Prosthetics—Tip for gently and precisely seating laboratory restorations with gentle sonic vibrations.


The problem—Marginal adaptation: Its quality will be decided in the few minutes in which the prosthesis is inserted. An irregular marginal adaptation impairs the quality and life of the inlay.


The solution—The KaVo SONICflex cem tip with rounded protective cap for gentle and precise insertion of inlays.

  • Tips with defined edge angles: lateral (60°) and cervical (75°)
  • Tips diamond-coated on one side (mesial and distal)


sonic-tip-12 unknown

Preps—Cem Tip #12

Gentle insertion of inlays

Part number 0571.5431

SONICflex Prep Crown Tips

Prosthetics—For crown preperation. Used for finishing work on margins in crown preperations.


sonic-tip-97 unknown

Preps—Crown Tip #97

Crown preparation, round, diamond coating

Part number 1008.6383


sonic-tip-98 unknown

Preps—Crown Tip #98

Crown preparation, round, diamond coating

Part number 1008.6385


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