SURGmatic Contra-Angle S201

For Oral Surgery and Implantology

When it comes to performance and comfort, KaVo continues to set the benchmark with the its line of SURGmatic™ Contra-Angle attachments. 20:1 Ratio SURGmatic S201 L and S201 C handpieces are available with or without light and feature KaVo's EXPERTgrip™.

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Removable head, for easy to clean maintenance, the SURGmatic Contra-Angle handpiece offers exceptional performance for all of your oral surgery and implantology needs. 

Available with or without light and small head with internal cooling system will make SURGmatic S201 L or S201 C your go to handpiece. 



  • S201 L (with light) 
  • S201 C  (without light)
  • Reduction ratio 20:1
  • Removable head, easy to clean
  • EXPERTgrip™ for better grip and hygiene 
  • Small head with internal cooling system
  • External cooling with coolant connector on the head


Technical specifications (in connection with MASTERsurg™ or EXPERTsurg™)
  • Speed: 15 - 2,000 rpm
  • Maximum torque: 55 Ncm


 SURGmatic Contra-Angle S201 L  Part Number: 1009.0470
 SURGmatic Contra-Angle S201 C  Part Number: 1009.1100


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