SURGmatic Contra-Angle S201 X

For Oral Surgery and Implantology

Hexagon claming system and optimized head gearing and ball bearing for long service life make KaVo™ SURGmatic™ Contra-Angle XC and XL intruments your go to for smoothing the alveolar ridge to fixing implants, micro-surgery, ENT, retrograde apicectomy, bone splitting and much more.



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Hexagon Clamping System

NEW! With hexagon clamping system to extend the working life of your handpiece. Removable head, for easy to clean maintenance, the SURGmatic Contra-Angle handpiece offers exceptional performance for all of your oral surgery and implantology needs.

Available with or without light and small head with internal cooling system will make SURGmatic S201 XL or S201 XC your go to handpiece.  

KaVo SURGmatic contra-angle 20:1 with hexagon clamping system

  •  S201  XL (with light) 
  •  S201 XC (without light)
  •  Hexagon clamping system: optimized head gearing and ball bearing for long service life (also compatible with burs/screw-in tools without hexagon clamping system)
  •  Reduction ratio 20:1
  •  Removable head, easy to clean
  •  EXPERTgrip™ for better grip and hygiene 
  •  Small head with internal cooling system
  •  External cooling with coolant connector on the head

Technical specifications (in connection with EXPERTsurg™ or MASTERsurg™):

  •  Speed: 15 - 2000 rpm
  •  Maximum torque: 55 Ncm
SURGmatic contra-angle handpiece S201 XL             Part Number: 1010.2332
SURGmatic contra-angle handpiece S201 XC             Part Number: 1010.2333


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