SURGmatic Handpiece S11

For Oral Surgery and Implantology

When it comes to performance and comfort, KaVo continues to set the benchmark with the its line of SURGmatic™ attachments. 1:1 Ratio SURGmatic S11L and S11C handpieces are available with or without light and feature KaVo's EXPERTgrip™.

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KaVo SURGmatic intruments offer good speed and torque: from smoothing the alveolar ridge to fixing implants, micro-surgery, ENT, retrograde apicectomy, bone splitting and much more. 

Combine with KaVo Surgical System for dental surgery that is not only easy to use but that provides safe and highly precise tools for dentists and dental surgeons to face their daily challenges.

KaVo SURGmatic handpiece 

S11 L (with light)
S11 C (without light)
Transmission 1:1
EXPERTgrip™ for better grip and hygiene
For use with handpiece burs of 44.5 mm standard length and can also be used with contra-angle burs using the included backstop
With external spray

Technical specifications (in connection with EXPERTsurg or MASTERsurg):



SURGmatic contra-angle  S11 L  Part Number 1009.1010
SURGmatic contra-angle  S11 C  Part Number 1009.1005


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