Original hoses


KaVo original hoses - Safety as standard

You can rely on KaVo original replacement hoses for the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene.

Original hoses PROTECT+

Product info

  • Replaces defective, unhygienic and worn hoses
  • Original exchange parts by KaVo



  • Ensures safe and hygienic operation
  • Fully refurbished
  • Value for money
  • Environmentally friendly


Original hoses PROTECT+ Download flyer and order form Hoses


It's so simple

  • Check on the name of the hose you have on-site by switching off the water supply of your treatment centre and unscrewing the hose you need to replace
  • Pull back the sleeve of the hose and write down the article number printed on the hose
  • Compare this article number to the items on the order form and enter the quantity you wish to order in the proper line of the form. The order form lists the replacement prices
  • Once you receive your delivery, please return the defective hose to KaVo to have it credited to your account. A return label is enclosed in the delivery. You will be retroactively charged the difference in price compared to a new hose unless the old hose is returned to us.
  • Original hoses PROTECT+This way to the order form!


Invoicing through the specialised KaVo dealer

The invoicing will be handled by the certified specialised KaVo dealer.