Periodontics study and tooth models

Teeth & Study Models

Study models for periodontology

Here you can find all information about our realistic KaVo study and tooth models for periodontology. Perfectly prepared for practice!

Periodontics study and tooth models Teeth and Study Models

The KaVo periodontics models were developed in cooperation with the Foundation for Clinical Research of the University of Bern and are available in four different status types. The following work can be practised and documented with the aid of the KaVo periodontal set type forms:

  • Determination of the periodontal status

  • Preparation of a treatment plan

  • Scaling / Curettage

  • Root planing

  • Root amputation

For early exercises, transparent gingivae are also available. Further possible exercises can be performed using the KaVo tartar set.


Periodontics study and tooth models Teeth and Study Models


  • Delivery mounted in labelled, reusable individual transparent boxes.

  • Root teeth made of melamine resin with natural root.

  • PVC gingiva in natural colour or transparent.

  • Baseplate for fixing model in patient simulator (using M6 screw or magnet).

  • Optional set of artificial tartar.



  • Preclinical training of periodontics treatments under realistic conditions.
  • Training on 4 different, advanced periodontal states for adults.
  • Scaling training using the tartar set.