Surgery and implantology

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Study models for dental surgery and implantology

Discover the various study and tooth models of KaVo

Surgery and implantology Teeth and Study Models

The surgery and implantology study models are based on a rigid foamed material with bone-like structure and soft gingiva, which is ideally suited to cutting and sewing.
The KaVo root teeth in the surgery model are arranged in a manner typical for treatment, including ectopic 3 and 8. The surgery models are divided into 4 comparable quadrants and can thus be used by several students. Further multiple use with the aid of the KaVo repair set: Realistic training can be provided in the following surgical treatments:

  • Hemisection / Amputation

  • Resection

  • Osteotomy (3 and 8)

  • Individual implant in the 3 and 5

The toothless implantology models have nerve canals in the lower jaw and nasal and accessory canals in the upper jaw. They are also very suitable for complete prosthetics on soft gingiva.


Surgery and implantology Teeth and Study Models


  • Delivery mounted in labelled, reusable individual transparent boxes

  • Root teeth made of melamine resin with natural root. Ectopic 3 and 8

  • Foamed base material with the look and feel of bone structure with formed spongiosa and compact bone

  • PVC gingiva in natural colour. Capable of being cut and sewn

  • Base plate for fixing model in patient simulator (M6)

  • Optional repair set


Surgery and implantology Teeth and Study Models


  • Preclinical training for surgical operations under realistic conditions

  • Bone material with extremely realistic "look and feel"

  • All surgical operations can be performed by 4 persons simultaneously (i.e. in each quadrant)