MINItech™️ cart

Laboratory Equipment

Your mobile practice assistant for milling, grinding and polishing

Your mobile practice assistant. Mobile and precise milling, grinding and polishing. Ideal for prosthetic, orthodontic and surgical constructions.

KaVo MINItech cart - The mobile assistant for your dental practice


  • Solid body with coloured panels
  • Mobile unit on 4 castors
  • 2 positioning handles for excellent control and mobility
  • Double safety screens for greater protection
  • Built-in KaVo K4 unit for right-handed and left-handed persons
  • Integrated Mini hand air nozzle
  • Built-in, automatic KaVo SMARTair mobile extraction system.
  • Extraction zone with removable stainless steel cover
  • Ideal for prosthetic, orthodontic and surgical constructions.
  • Ready for connection with mains cable and compressed air line


Check the sieve inserts daily and after each surgery. The sieve inserts must be replaced at the latest when the suction decreases (Mat. no. 0.763.3423). Because of the comfortable handle system, the change is fast, safe and hygienic.

Cleaning is inadvisable - not only due to hygienic reasons: The sieves protect the suction. By cleaning the sieves, the finely woven grid can be damaged, whereby ever grater parts can get through the sieve. If the worst comes to the worst, the suction must be repaired, leading to practice downtimes.


Sterilisable handles

The anthracite-coloured handles are removable, easy to clean and unlike the white handles even sterilisable. They can be used at the operating light KaVoLUX 540 LED, at the dental microscope Leica M320, at the swing-tables and at the dentist element of the Vision treatment units.


Wooden chair

  • Wood beech
  • Aluminium star base
  • Double castors with chrome casing for hard floors


  • Seat height and inclination
  • Back rest height and inclination
  • Back rest contact pressure
  • 430-630 mm sitting height
  • Voltages 230 V/115 V
  • External dimensions in mm (WxDxH) 520 x 475 x 860
  • Table top with rounded edges
  • Panels and handles can be chosen in KaVo colours (see KaVo Price list)
  • Extraction drawer with 2 hinged safety screens
  • Additional drawer for material and instruments
  • Built-in hand air nozzle