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The comfortable lab equipment and office chair

Dental lab equipment and office chair making you feel comfortable

KaVo SENsit – tailor-made for the dental laboratory

KaVo engineers have developed a chair that takes into account all health aspects of a seated posture.

The anatomical design of the seat and backrest supports the body precisely where needed. And the shape and functionality of SENsit are ideally adapted to the working conditions in the laboratory.

Ingeniously thought out to the smallest detail. For a relaxed, body-friendly sitting posture with maximum freedom of movement.

KaVo SENsit - To sit healthily.


A relaxed and comfortable experience sitting in the KaVo SENsit

  • Non-slip, easy-cleaning and skin-friendly materials
  • The seat adapts to the anatomy of the body and can be moved forward and backward
  • Variable height adjustment
  • The backrest is designed especially for laboratory work and offers firm support
  • Backrest and seat are connected to each other through joints



Fine tuning for perfect sitting comfort

Have a seat! And do not hesitate to lean back and relax! Studies have shown: If you sit for an extended period of time, changing the sitting posture regularly is very important.


SENsit Laboratory Equipment


The seat can be moved horizontally making sure that the relationship to the backrest is optimally adapted to your anatomy.


SENsit Laboratory Equipment


The height adjustment of the seat allows the chair to be adjusted specifically to your height.


SENsit Laboratory Equipment


You can individually adjust the backrest resilience: Turn the adjusting wheel and set the force of the synchronous mechanism to your body weight. Making you sit comfortably at all times.


SENsit Laboratory Equipment


Change of position made easy: You determine how far seat and backrest will bend! Lift the handle. Put load on the backrest. Lock the mechanical system. All done!


SENsit Laboratory Equipment


Whether short or tall, the spine is always properly supported: Thanks to the height-adjustable backrest, the special upholstery is where it should be.


SENsit Laboratory Equipment


The robust aluminium pedestal: High load-bearing capacity and long service life due to excellent quality of the materials.



Colours and fabrics

SENsit Laboratory Equipment