Foot control

Options & Accessories

Tailored to your comfort from head to foot

Navigate all functions – also available as a wireless foot control. The perfect foot control for your dental unit.

By gently touching the pedals of your KaVo foot control, you can access all instrument and chair functions as well as all multimedia functions of your ESTETICA series KaVo treatment unit.

Simply use your foot to start all recurring treatment processes. A special valve for regulating the compressed air pressure of the turbine as well as the intensity of all other instruments helps you to gently and precisely control your instruments.


Tailored to your comfort from head to foot

  • Optimised workflow
  • Avoidance of unnecessary contact of hands with controls
  • Prevention of cross-contamination

Safe operation

Centring permits the safe operation of all instruments - instruments start at the stored speeds

  • The complete speed range is always available
  • In level E, centring is not active
  • Very safe treatment through indication-based speed storage

Hinged pedal

  • Permits ergonomic left/right motion of the foot instead of the tiring up/down motion  
  • Even distribution of body weight when operating in a standing position
  • Normal strain on leg and foot muscles
  • Healthy and natural foot and leg position



Foot control Options and Accessories

Storage of speed and level switch

Centring of the hinged pedal permits storing the speed for each instrument

  • Memodent
  • Can be stored on 3 levels
  • Level switched via foot control
  • Indication-based storage of speeds
  • Improved workflow through KaVo operating concept

A foot-operated control for all functions


Functions with instruments in holders

  1. LP key (last position)
  2. Backrest down
  3. Level preselection in the Memodent menu
  4. Chair down
  5. Backrest up
  6. SP key (rinsing position)
  7. Chair up  

Functions with instruments removed from holders

  1. Spray preselection
  2. Speed/intensity, control/on/off
  3. Fixed image and saved image for multimedia
  4. Chipblower air
  5. Instrument light on and off
  6. Switch forward/backward motor rotation
  7. Turn on light as in light pen (spot function)
Foot control Options and Accessories

Wireless foot control for KaVo ESTETICA E70/E80 Vision

Same functions and ergonomics as the wired foot control:

  • Speed control, level switching, centring, spray preselection, chipblower air, direction of motor rotation, and chair and multimedia functions are operated in the same way
  • Optimally adapted to previously learned, familiar working techniques
  • Increased safety through the absence of a connecting cable between the treatment unit and the foot control
  • Free choice of positioning enables an ergonomic work posture
  • Improved maintenance