X-ray at your dental chair

Options & Accessories

Saving time and money: the KaVo X-ray at your KaVo dental chair

X-ray system integrated in the dental unit body for more comfort during treatment.

X-ray system integrated in the unit body for more comfort during treatment

  • Easy:
    no installation effort neccessary in the treatment room
  • Ergonomic:
    Easy access and operation
  • Time efficient:
    radiophotographs directly at the dental chair


Focussing on your patients and efficiency

  • extraordinary stability and innovative design with an anti drift mechanism for percise imaging
  • secure images and equal image quality, thanks to a possible selection between 60 kV and 70 kV
  • different optional radiographic cones for an optimal adaption of the radiographic section to the radiographic indication
  • intuitive user surface with preset settings for all teeth sections of children and adults