Intraoral X-ray

Intraoral X-ray Imaging - Always close to the patient

The accurate KaVo FOCUS X-ray generator technology ensures safe exposure and repeatable image quality at all times.

FOCUS Intraoral

Highlights & Advantages

  • Exceptional stability
  • Smooth movements
  • Anti-drift mechanism (ADM)
  • Consistent images
  • Reliable operation
  • Excellent build quality


FOCUS Intraoral

Exceptional stability yet amazingly light to handle.

The choice of three different arm lengths makes FOCUS the perfect X-ray for any practice. Long arm reach ensures FOCUS X-ray is always where it is needed.

FOCUS X-ray is extremely stable, yet amazingly light and easy-to-handle. It positions smoothly with just one hand. The movement stops when you want it to stop — no drifting or repositioning. This exceptional stability is a result of the ADM anti-drift mechanism in the scissor arm. This innovative design provides complete immobility after positioning, which is essential in order to get clinically correct images.



FOCUS Intraoral

KaVo FOCUS Intraoral X-ray Imaging

Producing consistent results, exposure after exposure.

FOCUS Intraoral


KaVo Focus - Panel

Intuitive control panel with preprogrammed exposure settings for all areas of both adult and pediatric dentitions.


FOCUS Intraoral

KaVo Focus - Cones

Choose from a variety of cones to ensure that your X-ray is the best fit for your clinical needs.


FOCUS Intraoral


KaVo FOCUS - Adapter

This adapter, specially designed for KaVo treatment units, enables an easy mounting and a very stable, durable positioning – close to your patient.

The FOCUS X-ray mounting system requires a minimal amount of space on the wall. In addition to the standard wall mount the FOCUS X-ray can be installed at the KaVo Centro organisation and support system. FOCUS can also be installed on KaVo treatment units by using the appropriate adapter. Even in dental offices with challenging layouts, taking radiographs is easy and convenient.

Technical Specifications


Constant potential (high voltage DC, 100–200 kHz)

Tube voltage 

60 kV, 70 kV selectable

Tube current 

7 mA

Focal spot

0.7 mm (IEC 60336)

Total filtration

2.0 mm Al (70 kV)

Exposure time 

0.02 to 3.2 seconds 

SSD (Source‑Skin Distance)

9˝ (229 mm) standard cone; 12˝ (305 mm) long cone

Line voltage

115-230 VAC ± 10%, 50 /60 Hz


69˝, 75˝ and 85˝ / 176, 191 and 216 cm


66 lbs (30 kg)



FOCUS Intraoral




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