Wireless foot control UPGRADE+


Product info

  • Wireless multifunctional foot control for operation of all functions
  • Powerful battery with long durability
  • Retrofit on ESTETICA E80, E70, E50



  • Position where convenient in the surgery
  • More freedom of movement
  • Improved hygiene as the possibility of a dirty cable is removed
  • Increased safety through elimination of connecting cable


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Same functions and ergonomics as the wired foot control

  • Speed control, level switching, centring, spray preselection, chipblower air, direction of motor rotation, and chair and multimedia functions are operated in the same way
  • Optimally adapted to previously learned, familiar working techniques
  • Increased safety through the absence of a connecting cable between the treatment unit and the foot control
  • Free choice of positioning enables an ergonomic work posture


Wireless foot control Price (€)
1.004.9768 1185,00