Special Instruments

Comfortable and reliable bridge remover

Bridge remover KaVo CORONAflex with powerful performance and intelligent principle.

 CORONAflex Special Instruments

Bridge remover with powerful performance and intelligent principle

Efficient and gentle removal of restorations:
With the intelligent CORONAflex technology, you can remove crowns, bridges and provisionals more reliably than ever and even reuse them since they are generally not damaged.

This is only possible with the KaVo CORONAflex.


Comfortable and reliable bridge remover KaVo CORONAflex

Merely attach your bridge remover CORONAflex to the KaVo MULTIflex coupling just as you would your turbine. You can rotate the impact head 360° to easily reach difficult locations. The CORONAflex transmits the force in a completely controlled and reliable manner, and the impact is infinitely adjustable by means of the knob.

The method

A piston is accelerated along the shaft into the tip of the crown and bridge remover by means of compressed air. The resulting short impact pulse acts on the structure of the cement and destroys it abruptly - and thus eliminates the adhesion.


Bridge remover KaVo CORONAflex - A huge variety of uses

  • Failed bridge anchor requiring removal of bridge, prior to recementing
  • Extra oral repair of veneers
  • Endodontic treatment under otherwise faultless prosthesis
  • In the unlikely event of minor damage upon removal, prosthesis may be employed as a temporary, saving time and effort
  • Definitive cementing of provisionally affixed restorations
  • Fracture of a bridge element
  • Correction of faulty cementing
  • Changing the veneer colour upon the patient’s request

Use of the KaVo bridge remover KaVo CORONAflex

  • Switch off spray water feed on the unit.
  • Attach CORONAflex to the MULTIflex coupling.
  • Switch on compressed air with the foot switch; keep pressing the foot switch; the internal piston of the bridge remover CORONAflex is made ready.
  • The impact pulse is triggered manually via the triggering nozzle.
  • To enable the piston to be activated again, remove your finger from the triggering nozzle and then reapply the finger a few moments later.


Flexible and reliable operation


 CORONAflex Special Instruments

 CORONAflex Special Instruments

Easy to use with the forceps

For removing individual crowns in the molar and premolar area.

  • Apply forceps below the equator or at the edge of the crown.
  • Squeeze forceps until there is a substantial initial tension and then advance the knurled screw with the other hand, to protect damage to crown.
  • Mount CORONAflex on the curve of the forceps and apply axial tension to both.
  • Trigger impact pulse.



In 80 % of cases, the forceps are placed directly on the edge of the crown. Just attach the CORONAflex and trigger the impact; it acts effectively and painlessly on the cement structure. The crown releases reliably and usually without damage.



 CORONAflex Special Instruments

 CORONAflex Special Instruments


Easy to use with the adhesive clasp

For individual or partial crowns, primary telescopes or bridge parts in the anterior or posterior area.

  • The success rate of the adhesive clasp is several times higher than that with the forceps.
    • Reason: A lower mass has to be accelerated and hence the impact is better transmitted.



Even with complicated crown removals with minimal space in the molar area, the CORONAflex offers an intelligent solution. Fasten the provided clamps on the crown, then mount the CORONAflex and trigger the impact – that’s it!


 CORONAflex Special Instruments

 CORONAflex Special Instruments

Easy to use with a loop

For removing bridges in the anterior or posterior area.

  • Thread the loop under the bridge as close as possible to the abutment.
  • The loop is fixed by means of the loop holder.
  • Attach CORONAflex to the loop holder.
  • The loop holder is subjected to tension in the axial direction relative to the root of the tooth and the impact pulse is triggered.



With bridge constructions, just guide the loop under the bridge. Then attach the special handle, mount the CORONAflex and trigger it. The elasticity of the loop is so slight that the impact is directly transmitted, quickly and painlessly.

Main features and advantages for you

  • Fast, efficient removal of restorations
  • Completely sterilisable, no servicing necessary
  • Pain-free crown removal, surprisingly comfortable for your patients
  • Safe to use, the restoration generally remains undamaged and may be reused
  • Safe and secure

The benefits for your patient

  • CORONAflex makes the removal of dental prostheses much more pleasant so you give your patients the feeling of always being in good and safe hands
  • A short impact pulse destroys the cement structure, and the patient feels no pain
  • The axial tension prevents tilting, and this protects the tooth stump and the dental prosthesis