PROPHYflex 3

Special Instruments

Air polishing device: Professional prophylaxis with KaVo PROPHYflex 3

KaVo PROPHYflex 3: bright and clean Air polishing device – very simple professional tooth cleaning.


KaVo PROPHYflex perio tip - for subgingival treatments

  • Removes Biofilm in pockets
  • Cleans implants 
  • For focused and gentle cleaning


PROPHYflex 3 Special Instruments


Further information about KaVo PROPHYflex perio tip can be found here...

Professional prophylaxis – so your patients can be comfortable and happy

KaVo as a comprehensive service provider for professional prophylaxis solutions, is always at your side, providing first-class prophylaxis support. From tooth cleaning and tooth polishing, to caries detection - the KaVo solutions always grant the following:

  • Easy use
  • Gentle patient treatment
  • Optimum integration into your workflow

Tooth cleaning is of particular importance, in order to prevent gingivitis, periodontitis and caries. The air-polishing unit PROPHYflex and the gentle cleaning agents, PROPHYpearls and PROPHYflex powder, grant gentle treatment - both to you and your patients.


Easy and efficient treatment

PROPHYflex simplifies your work. Just use the foot contol of your existing treatment centre, for simple operation. This way you may also comfortably perform several prophylaxis sessions in a row. You will achieve perfect results – easily, rapidly and reliably.

Higher performance for perfect results

The cannula of the PROPHYflex is cleverly constructed, so that the powder jet is effectively and efficiently concentrated. The gripping sleeve rotates through 360° and grants excellent cleaning results – even in hard-to-access areas. You and your patients will benefit from easier treatment and shorter treatment times.


Easier cleaning, saves time

PROPHYflex will permit very fast and excellent cleaning results, for you and your chairside assistant. Moreover, handling of your PROPHYflex also saves time: reloading of powder or pearls, as well as cleaning of the device, is quickly accomplished in the „twinkling of an eye“. 
You will therefore save valuable time with each prophylactic session – every day!


Safety for both dentist and patient alike

You may completely sterilise and thermally disinfect your PROPHYflex Medical Device. Thus, you will meet all current hygiene standards, such as the RKI directive.

Superior work conditions – main features and advantages for you:

  • Easy working conditions even in molar regions, thanks to the gripping sleeve, that may be rotated through 360°
  • Easy and fast cleaning and refilling
  • Comfortable for more pain-sensitive patients, thanks to its individually selectable powder volume
  • Comfortable handling for stress-free working, thanks to optimised ergonomics
  • Optimum safety, thanks to being a completely sterilisable air-polishing unit. The only one the market!
  • Flexible usage, thanks to the MULTIflex coupling; also suitable for Sirona coupling
  • Extremely economical for specialists and generalists alike, thanks to a wide range of indications for the dentist and dental team


Recommended by KaVo:

Kerr’s OptiView lip and cheek retractor – for easier access to your working area.

Kerr’s Cleanic prophy paste, alongside Kerr’s prophy cups and brushes, to finalize the prophylaxis procedure.


KaVo PROPHYflex 3 operates in a very simple way

The powder container contains sufficient powder for professional tooth cleaning. Compressed air is supplied to the handpiece via the KaVo MULTIflex coupling. When the foot control is pressed, compressed air flows into the powder container. It mixes uniformly with the powder, and the mixture flows to the exit of the cannula.

At the same time, the water – strictly separated from air and powder – is fed to the exit. There, the water sheath surrounds the powder/air mixture. Two non-return valves prevent the mixture from flowing back to the MULTIflex coupling.


The wide range of indications and easy handling, will soon make your PROPHYflex one of the most-used handpieces in your practice. Just add PROPHYflex powder or PROPHYpearls and start professional tooth cleaning. Enjoy excellent treatment results with many indications, every day.


In cases of stains and plaque, such as:

  • Discolouration from tea and coffee
  • Tobacco stains
  • Biofilm

Your result with PROPHYflex: Efficient prevention of gingivitis, periodontitis and dental caries.

During fissure-sealing therapy, for

  • Cleaning of fissures before sealing

Your result with PROPHYflex: A significantly reduced risk of dental caries for your patients.


In orthodontics, for

  • Cleaning of braces
  • Preparation of surfaces before bonding
  • Removal of adhesive residue

Your result with PROPHYflex: Better treatment results, more satisfied patients.

In conservative dentistry for

  • Improved adhesion of composite restoration material, ceramic inlays and veneers

Your result with PROPHYflex: Extension of life of composite/ceramic restorations.


In prosthetics for

  • Cleaning healthy teeth, which adapts them more closely to the shades of bridges, crowns, inlays and onlays

Your result with PROPHYflex: Uncomplicated and perfect shade adaptation.

In aesthetic dentistry, for

  • Cleaning teeth before bleaching, for exact determination of natural tooth colour/shade
  • Preparation of tooth tissue, for optimum effectiveness of bleaching agent

Your result with PROPHYflex: Optimisation of bleaching outcome.


Before cleaning/after cleaning

PROPHYflex 3 Special Instruments


Before cleaning.


PROPHYflex 3 Special Instruments


Scanning microscope image before cleaning (x20 magnification and x200 magnification).


PROPHYflex 3 Special Instruments


After cleaning with the KaVo PROPHYflex.


PROPHYflex 3 Special Instruments


Scanning microscope image after cleaning with the PROPHYflex 3 (x20 magnification and x200 magnification).


PROPHYflex colour Order number
PROPHYflex 3 2018 violet 1.006.9926
PROPHYflex 3 2018 violet Sirona 1.006.9927
PROPHYflex 3 2018 black 1.000.4672
PROPHYflex 3 2018 black Sirona 1.006.9920


Accessories for supragingival application Order number
PROPHYflex cannula 0.573.0151


Accessories for subgingival application Order number
PROPHYflex Perio Kit 1.009.3731
Refill PROPHYflex perio tip 1.010.0287


PROPHYpearls Calcium carbonate Order number
PROPHYpearls neutral 4 x 250 g 1.010.1798
PROPHYpearls neutral 80 x 15 g 1.010.1826
PROPHYpearls mint 80 x 15 g 1.010.1828
PROPHYpearls peach 80 x 15 g 1.010.1829
PROPHYpearls orange 80 x 15 g 1.010.1830
PROPHYpearls black currant 80 x 15 g 1.010.1831


PROPHYflex Powder sodium bicarbonate Order number
PROPHYflex powder orange 80 x 15 g 1.007.0014
PROPHYflex powder berry 80 x 15 g 1.007.0015
PROPHYflex powder cherry 80 x 15 g 1.007.0016
PROPHYflex powder mint 80 x 15 g 1.007.0017


PROPHYflex Perio Powder Glycine Order number
PROPHYflex Perio Powder 4 x 100 g 1.009.3732

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