Dental Hygiene

For water germ reduction in dental units

KaVo OXYGENAL 6 for dosed treatment of the water system and water germ reduction in the KaVo dental units.


Dental hygiene with KaVo OXYGENAL 6

Water carrying dental systems can become infested by microorganisms. This contamination can be caused by stagnation and formation of biofilms of the supplied water or by blood/secretions from patients. In periods of stagnation this can result in massive biocontamination of the treatment water. The risk of contamination of the dental treatment water can be reduced by systems, whose efficacy has been tried and tested under practical conditions (see "Infektionsprävention in der Zahnheilkunde - Anforderungen an die Hygiene“, [Infection prevention in dentistry - Hygiene requirements] Bundesgesundheitsblatt 2006:375-393).

Various processes are known for treating the cooling water in dental units. These are usually based on the water being exposed to a suitable medium to kill off the microorganisms contained in the water. The strongest oxidisation agents include atomic oxygen and HO radicals, which because of their oxidising strength exercise a strong bactericidal effect.

Since 1986, KaVo has relied on hydrogen peroxide. Its effect is synergetically reinforced by silver ions ("OXYGENAL 6"). "). Along with many expert reports (including WALKER et al, 2003, LYNCH, see "Specialist literature") which confirm the effectiveness of "OXYGENAL 6", the product has other advantages that set it apart from others. Numerous tests and laboratory investigations have demonstrated its very good material compatibility. In application concentration it does not pose a hazard to patients and personnel and it decomposes without residues into water and oxygen.

OXYGENAL 6 Dental Hygiene

Example of application: treatment unit

Remove rinsing tumbler filler and cover.
As soon as the OXYGENAL container is empty, a signal sounds at 10 second intervals. 


OXYGENAL 6 Dental Hygiene

Top up OXYGENAL 6 (max. 1 litre).
Caution: Do not fill the middle opening (rinsing tumbler outflow) 


OXYGENAL 6 Dental Hygiene

Example of application: water bottle

Fill water bottle with drinking water and use OXYGENAL 6 as germ reducing additive.
Completely empty bottle before adding Oxygenal 6 so as to maintain the correct mixing ratio. Now pour in 5 ml of Oxygenal 6. Only now add 1.5 l of drinking water.



OXYGENAL 6 Dental Hygiene


Intensive germ reduction

The conditioning system in KaVo units adds OXYGENAL 6 to the treatment water in the correct ratio. All water conducting instruments such as multifunction tips, turbines, scalers, hand pieces and contra angles as well as rinsing tumbler water are treated with "OXYGENAL 6". The hydrogen peroxide concentration is 0.02%. In addition, most KaVo devices are equipped with intensive germ reduction with an active agent concentration of 0.25% hydrogen peroxide.

The intensive germ reduction should be performed after prolonged idle periods, if the fresh water is highly biocontaminated, before treating patients with immune deficiency but at the latest before the weekend, vacations or public holidays. In the process all the above mentioned water channels are automatically rinsed. The germ reducing concentration acts for at least 30 minutes in the system and can act for the whole weekend. Afterwards the device is automatically rinsed with a lower concentration of hydrogen peroxide until a concentration of 0.02% of hydrogen peroxide is reached in the device.




On the basis of the current Robert Koch Institute recommendations, we suggest the use of the rinse programme after each treatment for a rapid and simple rinse of all water conducting systems.

Determination of the OXYGENAL content in the germ reduction system for water: 

  • Fill rinsing tumbler with water and by means of Merckoquant peroxide test strips (100 – 1000 mg/l H2O2.; Merck article number: 1100337) determine the OXYGENAL content in the germ reduction system for water 
  • In normal operation the OXYGENAL should be between 150 and 250 mg/l H2O2.


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