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Everything has to work together to complete your day successfully, whether you are working on direct and indirect restorations, root canal treatments, prophylaxis or implantology or patient communication. At KaVo Dental we are always looking for techniques and solutions to assist you in overcoming the challenges that complex, repetitive or new applications may bring you.

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Prophylaxis Dental Workflow

Use KaVo as a comprehensive service provider for prophylaxis dental solutions.

The best dental providers know that the key to good dental health is preventing problems to begin with, and that starts with prophylaxis dental. What is prophylaxis? Dental prophylaxis are procedures that help to prevent caries, cavities and periodontitis from forming in the first place. These procedures promote good dental health and minimize the need for interventions later on. KaVo is proud to offer a line of oral prophylaxis instruments and prophylaxis powder to help your patients.

Prevention of dental caries starts with easy identification of potential problem areas, which is done through caries detection. What is caries detection? It is a prophylaxis dental procedure: The KaVo DIAGNOcam is an caries detection device that utilizes infrared light to optimize visualization of the tooth enamel. The primary benefit of this technology is that radiation is not needed, making it a great option for pregnant women, cancer survivors, children and people who are uncomfortable with radiation exposure. During this prophylaxis dental procedure, a harmless light is shone through the tooth: healthy dental material will be translucent, and caries resp. cavities will be visible as dark spots. The DIAGNOcam has an integrated video camera that can transfer the image directly to a live screen, making patient counseling a breeze. The next time a parent asks, “What is prophylaxis and why do I need it?”, the dentist can easily refer directly to the patient’s own results.

The KaVo SONICflex air scaler is a dental prophylaxis instrument that can be used in a wide range of microdentistry and prophylaxis dental procedures. In addition to prophylaxis, the scaler can be used for almost every application due to having more than 50 tips. It promotes gentle and pleasant treatment for your patients due to the low noise, gentle oscillations, and low heat generation. When used in prophylaxis dental therapies, it can be used to scale, to clean shallow and deep pockets, or to process difficult to access areas of the tooth.

What is prophylaxis dental treatment without using the PROPHYflex 3 air polishing handpiece? This prophylaxis instrument is your go-to tool for professional prophylaxis and gentle treatment for your patients. You can use the foot control of your own treatment center to operate this prophylaxis instrument, and the PROPHYflex 3 allows quick and easy cleaning of the teeth. Your staff will find that loading of the prophylaxis powder is a simple procedure and can be quickly accomplished.

KaVo is proud to offer an assortment of reliable and long-lasting polishing and dental prophylaxis instruments:

  • EXPERTmatic E31 C is a polishing contra-angle handpiece that focuses on efficiency, reliability, and optimal lighting.

  • DURAtec Prophy 2953 is an oscillating contra-angle handpiece that has a protective steel head that prevents polishing paste from backing up into the head.

  • DURAtec Prophy2933 has a small head, which optimizes your view of the treatment area.

  • INTRAmatic Prophy 31ES has a very small head. It also has all of the benefits of spray right in the handpiece.

  • INTRAmatic 19 ES has all of the benefits of the INTRAmatic Prophy 31 ES but can be used with disposable prophy angles.

KaVo knows just how important prophylaxis and prophylaxis dental procedures are for your patients. As a result, we are proud to offer a line of prophylaxis powder, diagnostic devices, and reliable oral prophylaxis instruments and tools that can be used in any practice setting.