3D x-ray software for 3D diagnostics

OnDemand3D is the powerful software for displaying, assessment, presentation and documentation of 3D volume data of a DVTs device

The 3D diagnostics master class

  • High-performance viewing software
  • Extensive implant database
  • OnDemand3D™ is the comprehensive solution for displaying, assessment, presenting and documenting 3D bulk data of a DVT device

OnDemand3D is the comprehensive solution for displaying, assessment, presenting and documenting 3D bulk data of a DVT device.

The right programme for the right purpose

OnDemand3D is a modular design software package combining functionalities for different requirements in different modules.
Besides two basic packages with pre-selection and modules, there are also supplementary modules and programmes available for special applications (see Modules).


OnDemand3D App - Overview

The “App“ is suitable for comprehensive assessment and planning on medium and large scale DVT volume. The OnDemand3D™App includes the following modules:

  • Database manager with ACS links
  • Dynamic Light Box
  • Dental Volume Reformat
  • Implant Planning
  • 3D
  • Virtual X-rays
  • Quick Report
  • X-Report
  • Windows and DICOM Printing

OnDemand3D X-ray Software

OnDemand3D™Dental - Overview

The “Dental“ is designed for small and medium volume sizes with the core application assessment and implant planning. OnDemand3D™Dental includes the following modules:

  • Database Management with PACS connection
  • Dynamic Light Box
  • Dental
  • Implant Planning
  • Quick Report
  • X-Report
  • Windows and DICOM Printing

OnDemand3D has been developed on a modular basis so it’s flexible and easily expandable. The modules individual function groups to make a logical connection.


Database manager (DBM)


The database manager provides three different accesses to the database. Data can be called up and saved via all three accesses at any time. Furthermore, the data can be copied from one system to another system.

Master DB - Single user database in one directory
The Master DB is locally installed as a standard procedure during installation. In the Master DM, data can be imported or copied from other database systems.

OnDemand3D™Server - Professional network database, even via the Internet
OnDemand3D™Server is an independent programme providing a high-performance SQL database. Each OnDemand3D™ work station can set up a connection to an OnDemand3D™Server. Individual user rights can also be assigned.OnDemand3D™Server is even suitable for connecting remote surgeries via the Internet. All data transmissions are secured and encrypted.

PACS image archive by means of DICOM - The international radiological standard
Many clinics employ a PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) to save radiological image data. A connection is made with a PACS system via the DICOM protocol (Digital Imaging and Communicationsin Medicine). This communication standard enables different imaging and image processing systems to mutually exchange data.


Dynamic Lightbox (DLB)

An overview of the 3D volume can quickly be obtained by means of the Dynamic Lightbox. Moreover, it offers the possibility to create a film containingcross-sectional images along any selectible axis, which can be played by manyvideo programs.

Dental Volume Reformat (DVR)

The DVR module enables the displaying of 3D volume datain special dental views. This includes tomographic images,cross-sectional views, jaw joint analysis and 3D volume imaging (rendering).

OnDemand3D X-ray Software



The Dental module presents a large proportion of the functions of the DVR module,however, it facilitates operation due to the reduction to the essential functions. In contrast to the DVR module, Dental also offers functions of the 3Dmodule, for example, the 3D Zoom that enables a 3D detail magnification.

OnDemand3D X-ray Software


Implant planning

The implant planning is an element of the DVR and the dentalmodule. It offers an extensive selection of dental implants from a wide range of manufacturers. Surgeries can create and save their own dental implant definitions. The displaying of the surrounding bone density, the synchronisation of theinsertion device and warning of collision with previously marked nervous tissue are only some of the highlights of the function.

OnDemand3D X-ray Software


Mandibular joint analysis

OnDemand3D X-ray Software



TMJ in the Dental Module

The mandibular joint analysis provides an adapted display for assessment and measurement of the mandibular joint. Only one joint is displayed at a time in OnDemand3D(tm)Dental. Simultaneous analysis of both joints including symmetry viewing is possible in the OnDemand3D(tm)App.


TMJ in OnDemand3D(tm)App

OnDemand3D X-ray Software



OnDemand3D X-ray Software

The 3D module provides outstanding 3D visualisation,segmentation and a diversity of analytical functions of the volume. Fine details can be displayed in 3D and analysed by means of the 3D Zoom. In addition, surface models can be generated from the 3D radiographic data and superimposed.This function combines dental CADCAM technologies with 3Dvolume tomography.


Virtual X-rays

Perspective X-ray images, e.g.lateral and frontal teleradiographs, can be created in this module. In this wayclassical 2D diagnostics is combined with the modern 3D volume tomography. Anindividual 3D image can be used in such a versatile manner that theexposure to radiation due to several special images is avoided.

OnDemand3D X-ray Software


Quick Report

This module conjures up printable reports in no time. With a few clicks,all possible views can be integrated into a report, which can not only be printed, but also archived in a database.
Furthermore, Quick Report includes complete DICOM printing functionalityin order to control a DICOM laser imagesetter that creates classical CTimages on film.



The X-Report module is a powerful documentation tool.Templates tailored to the surgery can be created and automatically filled with patient data and images at the pressing of a button. In this wayindividual and within the surgery standardised reports can be generated at lightning speed.

OnDemand3D X-ray Software



Thefusion module is an optional add-on module for OnDemand3D App orOnDemand3D Dental. It offers the possibility to merge two 3D volumes or to carry out a differential analysis.Merging two volumes can be used to obtain a larger field of vision from two smaller volumes in order to be able to carry out a comprehensive diagnosis or planning, for example.

The differential analysis facilitates the assessment of healing processes by means of a before/after comparison or the assessment of changes over time.



3D teleradiographic analysis is a major step forward in orthodontics and oral surgery. Values can be determined more safely and precisely by the expansion of the classical 2Danalysis into the third dimension. In addition, the analysis can be extended to meet individual requirements. Relations between points, lines and angles can be freely defined and then used on the data selected by the user.

There are additional programmes available to round up the system besides the modules, which are embedded in the programmes OnDemand3D App andOnDemand3D Dental.


OnDemand3D Server

OnDemand3D Server is an independent programme providing a high-performance SQL database. Each OnDemand3D work stationcan set up a connection to an OnDemand3D Server. Individual user rights can also be assigned.
OnDemand3D Server is even suitable for connecting remote surgeries over the Internet. All data transmissions are secured and encrypted.


OnDemand3D ProjectViewer

The ProjectViewer is an independent programme to load and display project data from an OnDemand3D Server.
Hence a license for one of the main programmes at each station is unnecessary. The planning or visualisation can be saved on the server by OnDemand3D App or OnDemand3D Dental and displayed by means of the ProjectViewer.

Moreover, the ProjectViewer is burnt as "CDViewer" onto a transmission CD if one or several volumes are to be exported in CD form. This "CDViewer" is coupled to the transmitted volume, meaning that the recipient need not procure a license for the programme, but will still have all possibilities to view the volume.

OnDemand 3D Workstation

  • Processor
    Dual Core Dual Core with 2 GHz or greater
  • Memory
    at least 3 GB
  • Hard Disk
    at least 1GB free (client); 250GB for DICOM data is recommended, if this is the only PC
  • Display
    at least 1280x1024x24bit resolution
  • Graphics card
    ATI or Nvidia graphics card (no integrated graphics solutions)
  • Operating system
    Windows XP (SP2), Windows 7 32/64bit or greater is recommended
  • Mouse
    at least 2 button mouse, mouse with scroll wheel is recommended


OnDemand 3D Server

  • Processor
    Dual Core with 2 GHz or greater
  • Memory
    at least 3 GB working memory
  • Hard Disk
    at least 1 GB free hard disk space. 250 GB recommended for DICOM data
  • Operating system
    Any Windows server edition or Windows XP Professional (SP2), Vista Business / Ultimate, Windows 7 Pro / Ultimate 32/64bit
  • Software
    MSSQL Server Express 2005/2008




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