PR: KaVo SMARTmatic PROPHY contra-angle handpieces "Made in Germany"

Released at - 21.03.2017

PR: KaVo SMARTmatic PROPHY contra-angle handpieces "Made in Germany"

Biberach – March 21, 2017, Produced at the headquarters of the company in Germany, the new KaVo SMARTmatic PROPHY dental instruments afford the legendary KaVo quality at very interesting rates. This gives dentists throughout the world the opportunity of a very attractive entry into the KaVo world of prophylaxis with all the benefits of our high quality instruments.

The four KaVo prophylaxis instruments, SMARTmatic PROPHY S19, PROPHY S31, PROPHY S33 and S53 – all featuring a reduction ratio of 8:1 - combined with the optimally matched Kerr consumables (brushes, cups, pastes), are tailor-made solutions for use in professional teeth cleaning. Owing to the oscillating motion of 70°, the dental instruments, SMARTmatic PROPHY S33 (snap-on attachments) and SMARTmatic S53 (contra-angle shaft) achieve an optimum distribution of the polishing paste for assured clean, effective polishing even in the interdental space that is difficult to access.

The straight prophylaxis handpiece SMARTmatic PROPHY S19 and the contra-angle handpiece SMARTmatic PROPHY S31, both rotating instruments, are perfectly suited for use with disposable prophylaxis attachments and/or snap-on and screw-in polishing attachments and also produce brilliantly clean teeth.

A protective V-shaped seal in the head prevents the ingress of polishing paste or saliva into the interior of the instrument and thus ensures the reliability and durability of the KaVo prophylaxis handpieces S31 and S33. Lightweight and optimally balanced, the SMARTmatic prophylaxis straight and contra-angle handpieces also feature a small instrument head for optimum view of the treatment field and for optimal accessibility. Made of durable stainless steel and featuring high precision ball bearings for smooth operation and a high degree of efficiency, the new KaVo prophylaxis handpieces afford the highest level of reliability and convincing performance for efficient and smart use in prophylaxis or polishing.

The KaVo SMARTmatic PROPHY straight and contra-angle handpieces incorporate the unparalleled KaVo quality "Made in Germany" in the dentist's practice at the most attractive pricing ever.

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