Your benefits of using 3D x-ray


Benefits of 3D x-ray

3D x-ray provides you, as a dentist, with the most detailed information for a more accurate diagnosis and more precision in the treatment. 3D x-ray provides you with a more complete view of the facial anatomy - from almost every angle and perspective. What you would never see with 2D images.

The fact that you can show your patients 3D x-ray images makes your patients more easily convinced to opt for a treatment and also more satisfied.

3D x-ray is quick and easy: in only 10 seconds, you will acquire a complete overview of the oral, jaw and dental area of the patient by means of a quick scan. You can use this precise and much more comprehensive information to advise your patients even better than before.

Differences between 2D and 3D x-rays

  • View the oral, jaw and dental area from a large number of angles
  • You can zoom into every area and rotate the view
  • Nothing remains concealed: You will obtain a complete picture of the oral structure including the jaw bones, soft tissue and nerve tracts - and all that in one single scan
  • Improved implant planning and implant setting

Differences between 3D x-ray and conventional x-ray

  • Quicker, simpler and more precise x-ray images - and all that in 3D top quality
  • Hence better planning of treatment and even better results
  • Significant time-saving for your practice team
  • No inconvenient storage of films and chemicals and no dark rooms
  • Simple sending of x-ray images per email free of charge
  • Digital x-ray will give your patients the impression of a modern dental surgery, your patients will feel safe and at ease