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KaVo BOX™: Original Factory Repair


To keep your KaVo product a KaVo product: top quality from us, repair-service from now on

Keep your KaVo product a KaVo product with a top quality handpiece service / repair from us:

  • In-house repair at the KaVo Repair Centre
  • Knowledgeable, skilled and highly trained technicians with many years‘ experience
  • Maximum transparency of costs through fixed repair prices


Order Original Factory Repair
via KaVo BOX

Proceed as follows

1 Order your KaVo Original Factory Repair via www.kavobox.com/uk (UK) and www.kavobox.com/ir (Ireland). If desired you will receive the KaVo BOX™ free of charge. Otherwise use your own suitable packaging
Insert your KaVo product into the KaVo BOX™ or your own packaging. UPS will pick up the box on the following working day free of charge.
We will return the serviced and repaired product to you quickly. The return shipping is free of charge.



Our Best-Service for dentists and dental technicians:

Our fixed price - your advantages:

  • Attractive fixed prices for almost all imaginable repairs
  • Full cost coverage for accepted warranty claims
  • 1 year warranty on the repair and replaced parts
  • Free loan device for specified small equipment warranty repairs, taking longer than expected
  • Pick-up and delivery of the KaVo BOX™ free of charge
  • Time-saving online ordering process at www.kavobox.com/uk (UK) and www.kavobox.com/ir (Ireland)




What is so special about the KaVo Original Factory Repair?

Each of the products you submit for a KaVo factory repair will be repaired with the utmost diligence right at KaVo premises. Obviously, KaVo is more familiar with KaVo products than any other service provider. KaVo technicians have a wealth of experience and exclusively repair KaVo products.
They use KaVo original spare parts exclusively for all repairs. There really is no alternative in terms of hygiene and functional safety as well as longevity.
KaVo provides a 1-year repair warranty that covers the repaired function and the spare parts used in the repair. KaVo provides a 1-year repair warranty that covers the repaired function and the spare parts used in the repair.
We look forward to taking care of each product you send us. To order your KaVo Original Factory Repair, please visit www.kavobox.com

What is a KaVo BOX?

You repairs a very important to us. Therefore, we`d like to ask you to send them in a suitable package. The KaVo BOX is optimally suited for this purpose.
You can order the Standard KaVo BOX free of charge at www.kavobox.com .

Why should I prefer KaVo original spare parts, if other parts might be cheaper?

KaVo original spare parts are developed by KaVo with a view to their functional reliability and hygiene as well as their longevity, and they are subjected to strict controls. Many repair workshops use imitation spare parts to keep repair prices cheap. But generic spare parts are associated with a risk for patients and the dentist`s team. The safety of function and hygiene is no longer assured. If your product has non-original spare parts incorporated in it, KaVo declines any liability related to warranty or goodwill. Any damage to material or injury to persons that might occurs places the dentist in an extremely difficult situation.
KaVo original spare parts are used exclusively in all KaVo Original Factory Repairs. The repair market for dental instruments is extensive. Even if the specific single repair is cheaper than the KaVo standard price, we urgently ask you not to abstain from the use of KaVo original spare parts. The repair market for dental instruments is extensive. You will always benefit from a KaVo Factory Repair due to the longevity and safety of your products. Your dental instruments and equipment are medical devices. Accordingly, safety has top priority here. We help you feel good and confident about your equipment.

What kind of a website is www.kavobox.com?

www.kavobox.com is more than a website. It is the ordering portal for the KaVo Original Factory Repair. This is where you can order your repairs easily and quickly right from the factory. Simply select your product in need of repair and place it in the shopping basket. Entering your contact data completes the ordering process.You`ll receive an email confirming the order made within a few seconds.
This simple ordering process includes yet another function that makes the repair process even easier for you. It triggers a pick-up service by our partner UPS, who will pick up your product in need of repair right at your office on the following working day. The email confirming your order also includes the UPS tracking number. This service is free of charge to you.
Please use wwww.kavobox.com exclusively to order your KaVo Original Factory Repair.

Why does KaVo introduce standard prices for repairs?

Standard prices for repair tell you the cost of repair even before you submit your products. This gives you absolute control and transparency with regard to the repair costs.
The clear and simple workflow replaces time-consuming procedures. As a result, your repaired product will return sooner to you.

Do the standard prices for repair make my repair more expensive?

No. The standard price has been calculated very carefully for each product by KaVo. This calculation is based on the analysis of more than 60,000 repairs that have been done by KaVo. The calculation was done such that the list price of each repair is cheaper, on average, than a repair price based on time and materials.
Minor repairs are charged only at the rate of a "Small Service Package", i.e. just £ 59 (list price plus applicable VAT).
Pick-up service and shipping are free of charge to you.

What is the "Small Service Package"?

Only the price of a "Small Service Package", i.e. just £ 59 (list price plus applicable VAT), is charged for minor repairs, rather than the standard price for repair. This usually includes cleaning, disassembly, fault analysis, servicing and lubrication, testing and safety checks.

Will I still get a cost estimate?

Yes and no. Because we have a standard price for repair, there usually is no need to check back with you. Everything is clearly structured and transparent, i.e. you know the cost of repair even before you submit your product in need of repair. However, if the repair need of your product is substantially higher than in a standard case, you`ll be furnished with a cost estimate.

How can I submit my defective KaVo products?

Simply visit www.kavobox.com. Place the repair you want to have done in the shopping basket, enter your contact data and confirm the order.

How much does it cost to ship the KaVo BOX?

KaVo provides the following services free of charge to you: Sending an empty KaVo BOX to you (upon request), pick-up service of your product(s) in need of repair on the working day after you place your order via www.kavobox.com, bring service of your repaired and serviced product.

How does the repair of defective KaVo products without a standard price take place?

For the majority of our KaVo products you will have an attractive fixed pricing system, with a fast repair processing service. However, regrettably the fixed price repairs do not apply to all our KaVo products. The products that are not covered by the fixed pricing will have a total amount calculated based upon the time taken to complete the work and the materials used in the process. Should the cost of your repair be higher than £ 100 a quotation will be created and sent to you. Whereas repairs under £ 100 will be carried out automatically and without a quotation. Should you choose to decline your quotation there will still remain a small handling fee of £ 35 plus VAT.