Original painted components™


New look for your dental chair and practice

Quality paintwork without compromises. Fresh colours and new sparkle for your dental surgery. KaVo original painted replacement components are available in many current colours.

Original painted components UPGRADE+

Product info

  • Replace scratched or damaged painted components
  • Produced by KaVo
  • Wide range of modern colours available


  • Value for money with fully refurbished parts
  • Adds style and colour to your surgery
  • Attractive for your patients


Original painted components UPGRADE+ Download flyer and order form Painted Components E70/E80

Original painted components UPGRADE+  Download flyer and order form Painted Components ESTETICA 1065/1066

Original painted components UPGRADE+  Download flyer and order form Painted Components E50/PRIMUS 1058

Original painted components UPGRADE+  Real Story! See how a practice got completely renewed by using the KaVo refurbished upholstery and paint.



Price per replacement component

Painted parts can be replaced only as the complete set. The images on top show you the respective painted parts.

Painted components E50 / 1058 Price (£)
Paintwork metallic 1051,00
Paintwork uni 945,00
Painted components E70 / E80 Price (£)
Paintwork metallic 1367,00
Paintwork uni 1262,00
Painted components 1065 / 1066 equipment Price (£)
Paintwork metallic 1262,00
Paintwork uni 1157,00
Painted components 1065 / 1066 chair Price (£)
Paintwork metallic 1157,00
Paintwork uni 1052,00

*recommended retail price (includes no VAT) as per current KaVo price list.


It is this easy

  • Just select the order form
  • If you are not certain yet which colour is right for you, our online colour configurator can help
  • Complete the order form, print it and then return it to us either by fax (+49(0)7351/56-74900) or email (service.reparaturen@kavo.com (link sends e-mail))
  • The set of painted components will be delivered within two weeks to the specified address, ideally right to your dental office
  • As soon as your specialised dealer has installed the parts*, please send the old parts back to us. Please use the shipping package of the new set of painted components.**


*    Price does not include installation
**  You will be retroactively charged the difference in price compared to new painted components unless the old components are returned to us.


Invoicing through an approved KaVo dealer

The invoicing will be handled by one of our certified KaVo dealers.