Original Upholstery™


Brighten your surgery

Are your cushions cracked, scratched or simply unsightly or do you just wish to brighten the appearance of your dental office?

Original Upholstery UPGRADE+

Product info

  • Replace damaged or ripped upholstery
  • Produced by KaVo
  • Wide range of modern colours available
  • Upholstery is newly formed and upholstered with new synthetic leather


Your benefit

  • Value for money with fully refurbished parts
  • Add style and colour to your patients
  • Attractive for your patients
  • No downtime - Return your old upholstery once new upholstery is fitted


Original Upholstery UPGRADE+Real Story! See how a practice got completely renewed by using the KaVo refurbished upholstery and paint.




Beauty can be so convenient

Original Upholstery UPGRADE+

Our replacement upholstery components are newly foamed and upholstered with new synthetic leather, beautifully restored to their original state.

And even more beautiful for you:

  • Original KaVo upholstery in many bright colours
  • Functionality and quality straight from the manufacturer
  • Excellent workmanship and long service life
  • Anatomically shaped cushions for your patients´ comfort.

(cushion set includes head, back, and seat cushions as well as footstool protection)


Original Upholstery UPGRADE+

Replacement upholstery Competitor

  • Keep old foaming.
  • Additional foaming pad with adhesive layer.
  • Massive, shapeless upholstery.
Original Upholstery UPGRADE+

Original KaVo replacement upholstery

  • Completely new refurbishment by KaVo.
  • Original shapely and ergonomical upholstery.
  • Completely new upholstery foaming and covering.


Original Upholstery UPGRADE+


Original Upholstery UPGRADE+



Dental chair

Price (£)

ESTETICA E80 693,00
ESTETICA E70 693,00
ESTETICA E50 693,00
Primus 1058 693,00
Status 1080* 693,00
ESTETICA Comfort 1065 693,00
ESTETICA Sensus 1066 693,00
Physio Price (£)
PHYSIO 5005 314,00
PHYSIO 5006 314,00
PHYSIO 5007 314,00

*Due to a technical change it might be necessary to order an additional tube frame 1.003.9179 (LP 328,- €) and a foot step protection 1.001.5845 (LP 54,- €) for additional costs
**recommended retail price (includes no VAT) as per current KaVo price list.


It's as simple as that


If you have any questions, please contact us:

Phone: +44 1494 733 000
e-mail: sales.kavouk@kavokerr.com (link sends e-mail)

* Price does not include installation
** you will be retroactively charged the difference in price compared to a new cushion unless the old cushion is returned to us


Invoicing through an approved KaVo dealer

The invoicing will be handled by one of our certified KaVo dealers.