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The all in one surgical unit

The KaVo MASTERsurg LUX Wireless helps you take dental surgery to a whole new level.

MASTERsurg LUX Small Devices

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Discover here our new surgical unit KaVo MASTERsurg. Test the functions and special highlights of our new surgical unit.


MASTERsurg LUX Small Devices



KaVo MASTERsurg LUX Wireless

The KaVo MASTERsurg LUX Wireless helps you take dental surgery to a whole new level.

The philosophy behind it is to provide you with comfort features that make a big difference when delivering maximum performance on a daily basis.

  • Modern Touch Display
  • Easy Multiprogramming
  • Wireless Foot Pedal
  • Clear Data Recording

KaVo MASTERsurg LUX Wireless – Redefining the Best.

MASTERsurg LUX Small Devices

KaVo MASTERsurg LUX Wireless - surgical unit

  • Comfort features such as touchscreen, wireless foot control and data documentation come as standard
  • Customise with up to 10 programs, each with 10 individually programmable steps
  • High performance thanks to the S600 LED – one of the world‘s lightest surgical motors

MASTERsurg LUX Small Devices


Modern Touch Display

  • Simple, intuitive programming with exclusive glass panel touchscreen
  • Optimal sight from all angles due to nonreflecting display



MASTERsurg LUX Small Devices


Easy Multiprogramming

  • Customizable to individual requirements 
  • Settings for different bone density, implant systems and users



MASTERsurg LUX Small Devices


Wireless Foot Pedal

  • Choose a convenient location in your workplace thanks to the wireless foot control



MASTERsurg LUX Small Devices


Clear Data Recording

  • Real time torque display for quality control 
  • Storage on SD card, transfer to patient file possible

Customizable Parameters

  • 10 programs, each with individually programmable treatment steps (max. 10)
  • Change of contra-angle transmission ratio
  • Maximum speed
  • Maximum torque
  • Pump delivery (0 – 4)
  • Motor clockwise/anticlockwise
  • Selection of implant position

Technical Specifications

  • Maximum torque: 80 Ncm at the instrument
  • Speed range: 0 - 40,000 rpm
  • Power supply voltage: 100 V - 240 V
  • Input frequency: 50 / 60 Hz
  • Pump performance: 0 - 110 ml / min

Surgical unit MASTERsurg LUX Wireless - Redefining the Best.



KaVo MASTERsurg - Surgery system featuring high precision.​

Article Description Mat. No.
MASTERsurg LUX Wireless surgical unit All in one surgical unit including: Surgical motor INTRA LUX S600 LED, multifunctional wireless foot control, motor tubing for S600 LED, starter tube set (5 pieces), motor and instrument holder, bottle holder, integrated peristaltic pump and power supply 1.009.1200
INTRA LUX S600 LED One of the lightest and smallest motors (28 % lighter and 20 % shorter compared to its predecessor), can be heat disinfected and autoclaved, speed range: 0 – 40,000 rpm, max torque 5.5 Ncm (0 -12,000 U / min)/5.5 to 1.5 Ncm between 12,000 - 40,000 rpm), brushless DC motor with KaVo Mini LED 1.008.8000
Hose set sterile S600 Single use coolant hoses (10 pieces) 1.009.8757
Motor Cable S600 Flexible motor cable, can be disinfected and autoclaved, cable length 2 m


Handpiece tray Storage tray for motor and instrument, can be disinfected and autoclaved 1.009.3411
SURGmatic S201 XL Contra-angle with hexagon clamping system, 20:1 reduction ratio, with light 1.010.2332
SURGmatic S201 XC Contra-angle with hexagon clamping system, 20:1 reduction ratio, without light 1.010.2333
SURGmatic S201 L Contra-angle with 20:1 reduction ratio, with light 1.009.0470
SURGmatic S201 C Contra-angle with 20:1 reduction ratio, without light 1.009.1100
SURGmatic S11 L Handpiece with 1:1 transmission ratio, with light 1.009.1010
SURGmatic S11 C Handpiece with 1:1 transmission ratio, without light 1.009.1005

MASTERsurg LUX Small Devices

Install the free software update easily and conveniently on your MASTERsurg and benefit from the following changes:

New rinsing function

The "rinsing function" is a new activity you can use on your MASTERsurg. The rinsing function serves to feed coolant and to start-up the illumination on the handpiece. The motor is not activated during this process in order to protect the patient. The illumination is switched on along with this function. The supplied quantity can be controlled in stepless manner using the speed button on the foot control. To optimise the workflow of treatment, the rinsing function can be programmes as a separate work step just like any other activity. However, the function can also be activated manually by pressing the pump button on the foot control for a longer period of time.


Change of transmission ratios that can be set

The transmission ratio of 1:5 for high-speed handpieces has been replaced by a reduction ratio of 16:1. This setting is designed mainly for the common combination of the following KaVo products: INTRA surgery shank 3624 N (0.534.5660) and INTRA reducing head 67 RIC (0.540.8340). Since this contra-angle handpiece is well-suited for inserting transplants as well, it can be used in one-touch calibration.


MASTERsurg LUX Small Devices

Change of the torque profile

The torque curve has been optimised to allow an even higher torque to be reached at high speeds. Accordingly, a torque of 2.5 Ncm at 40,000 rpm is now available to the user.

The present software update applies to devices up to production date 17 Nov. 2014, whereas devices manufactured after this date include this update already.

MASTERsurg LUX Small DevicesGuidance for Software-Update

Software-Update downloaden...



KaVo Surgery Portfolio
The perfect fit for your daily challenges.
KaVo MASTERsurg- surgical unit
The surgical unit KaVo MASTERsurg LUX Wireless helps you taking dental surgery to a whole new level.


Customers statements – Rely on high precision

“First I defined several steps of an implantation on both of the devices. This process was very easy due to the intuitive programming. Thanks to the well balanced motor and contra-angle, I could work safely and fatigue-free. I very much liked the additional programming possibilities as well as the easy- to-clean glass touch panel. (…) Thanks to the wireless foot control, I could carry out the surgery without being disturbed by any pedal cable. (…) Finally, considering an eventual need to document surgical treatments, I decided to purchase the MASTERsurg.”
Dr. med. Severin Holl, EXPERTsurg and MASTERsurg user
“The compact and light EXPERTsurg is really attractive with its smooth and hygienic surface. (…) The light and small motor together with the flexible motor tubing allows ergonomic and fatigue-free working. (…) Until now we never used programmed workflows for surgeries, but the programming possibility and the clear colour display made it so comfortable and easy that we started using this feature. It became so enjoyable that for a couple of treatment steps (inserting of implants and thread cutting), we even changed our way of working from manual to automatic.”
Dr. Hans-Peter Billian and Dr. med. Werner Hillebrand, EXPERTsurg users​


Who is able to carry out the repeated inspection (technical safety check / TSC) and when?
  • This check may only be carried out by an electrician who has received appropriate training for the medical product by KaVo.
  • This check is required by law and has to be conducted for the EXPERTsurg and MASTERsurg every two years.
  • The contents and given tests are based on the international standard IEC 62353. This standard applies worldwide for tests of medical electric devices or medical electric systems based on IEC 60601-1.
Who is able to conduct the KaVo service check and when?
  • The service check is conducted directly by the regional KaVo Service Organization. (Please contact the regional KaVo Service Center listed on the service Flyer shipped with the product)
  • The service check of the EXPERTsurg and MASTERsurg should be conducted every 2 years according to the technical instruction.  
  • Content of the KaVo service check:
    • Check of the functionality
    • Update of the software
    • Calibration and check of the performance
    • Repeated inspection (TSC)

    Thus the dentist is always on the safe side at a fair fixed price.

What does the Service Check Icon at the Display mean?

EXPERTsurg requires every 2 years a service check:


FAQ_Zeichen FAQ MATERsurg/EXPERTsurg  Even if the last date (red wrench) is exceeded, the device works without limitations!

Are loaner units for bridging time of repairs or device checking available?
  • Yes. – If required KaVo is offering a loaner units to bridge time a device has been sent in for repair or service check.
  • Please contact the regional KaVo Service Organization listed on the Service Flyer shipped with the product.
Which warranty offers KaVo for the EXPERTsurg and MASTERsurg and the SURGmatic instruments?
  • KaVo offers a warranty of one year.
How to conduct a software update?
  • Download the software from KaVo Homepage.
  • Save the Software on a SD card (1-32 GB in FAT)
  • Turn off the device
  • Insert the SD card with the new firmware file into the unit. Make sure that only a single firmware file with the .bin file extension (the downloaded current file) is stor‐ ed on the SD card.
  • Turn on the device
    • Update will be started automatically.
  • After the update the device is ready with the new software
  • Info: After the update the filename of the software file is renamed from .bin to .old
Which instruments can be checked with the One Touch Calibration?
  • All instruments of the SURGmatic S201 line as well as INTRA LUX contra-angles with a reduction ratio of 27:1 (CL3-09; C9/C3) and 16:1 (3624 N und 67 RIC) can be checked.
One Touch Auto calibration


Can the SURGmatic instruments be reprocessed according to RKI requirements?
  • KaVo SURGmatic instruments fulfill the strict German RKI-requirements through a proven reprocessing.
  • The effectiveness of the procedure (see user manual) is approved by tests of an accredited hygiene institute.
  • The instruments should be reprocessed in assembled condition, as it corresponds to the validated reprocessing process (see user manual).
  • The instrument can be disassembled in head and shank for manual non-fixing* pre-cleaning . *non fixing: no alcohols, no aldehydes
Are the new SURGmatic instruments compatible with the INTRAsurg surgery devices or devices of other manufacturers?
  • Yes. But the function for the automatic detection of the instrument can not be used on the KaVo INTRASurg 300+.
Are the previous KaVo surgery instruments compatible with the new Surgery devices?
  • Yes. If the instruments have the following transmissions: 1:1 / 16:1 / 20:1 / 27:1
Are the heads of the INTRAsurg line (e.g. CL 3, C 3 and 67 RIC) compatible with the new SURGmatic S201 shanks?
  • No, see table with examples


Are the heads of the new SURGmatic S201 line compatible with the INTRAsurg shanks (CL 04, CL09, 3620N, etc.)?
  • No, see table with examples


Why are the heads not sold separately?
  • Offering complete instruments to the user facilitates choosing the right product. This prevents complex training in different, mostly special possible combinations.
  • The chirurgical contra angle S201 series covers all relevant speed and torque ranges. Changing heads is not necessary anymore.
  • Of course all heads are available as spare parts.

Are the heads with HEXAGON clamping system compatible to shanks S201 L or S201 C (contra-angles without HEXAGON)?

  • No, because for this combination no validation concerning function and reprocessing exists.
Are my previous drills and inserting tools without HEXAGON shanks compatible with the HEXAGON clamping system?
  • Yes. But the advantages of the optimized torque transmission and durability of instruments and tools cannot be used

. Hexagon-6

Which maximum torque can be reached at the tool?
  • The devices including the motor INTRA LUX S600 LED generate a torque up to 80 Ncm at the instrument.
  • As the SURGmatic contra-angles are only approved to a maximum torque of 55 Ncm, torques over 55 Ncm should be avoided with these instruments.
  • Torques over 55 Ncm are clinically irrelevant and therefore rarely used.
What is the weight of instruments?
  • The weight of the S201 instrument is without bur or external spray clip only 81 g.
  • Therefore they are comparable with the proven KaVo instruments CL03-09 etc.
Is the motor tested and released for the prion program (sterilization with 18 minutes holding time)?
  • Number of reprocessing cycles far exceed the standard requirement - even when using the challenging prion program.
What happens if there‘s an error display during the motor calibration/checking of instruments?
  • If an error is displayed, the user should first do a calibration process without instrument. If there‘s no further error displayed the instrument is worn.
    • use another instrument.
  • If there is also without the instrument an error displayed, the motor is the reason. The case that a magnet got stronger and therefore produces a higher torque is physical not possible. If the magnet becomes weaker the torque goes down.
What has to be considered during the change of the Mini LED of the motor?
  • Proceed as follows:
    • Separate motor from cable
    • Remove ring by twisting
    • Push out the old LED with a tweezers
    • Insert the new LED in the slot, with the KaVo logo pointing outward
    • Attach the ring by twisting
    • Test the LED by starting the motor
  • There have to be no special measures concerning electrostatic discharge.
What can be adjusted at the foot control with the blue closure head?
  • EXPERTsurg: The slot under the lid has no function
  • MASTERsurg: The slot contains the batteries (Alkaline AA)
  • In general: The lid must be closed during the cleaning in order to prevent the penetration of water.
How long lasts the battery in the foot control of MASTERsurg?
  • It depends how often you use the device. But normally over 3 months.
  • After some minutes the foot control changes in a sleep mode to save energy. Activation by pressing of the foot pedal. 
  • Before battery is empty a warning message appears.
    • Once after turning on the device: You should prepare new batteries.
    • Repeated after 10 minutes: You have to change the battery now.
Saving / recording of data?
  • EXPERTsurg:

    • Saving / recording of data / parameters during a treatment is not provided. 
    • Exception: maximum reached torque is displayed until the motor starts again. This can be manually documented.
    • The SD-card slot is only used for software updates. 
  • MASTERsurg: 

    • Recording of the data while inserting the implant is possible as well as a continuous recording of all device data
    • A .bmp and .csv file is stored on the SD card
The torque graph at the display doesn’t appear. What is wrong?
  • Is the documentation mode turned on in the device settings? Implant must be activated.
  • The program step / activity “Inserting implant” must be activated.
  • The graph only appears if there is a torque at the instrument.  
What is documented within the .bmp file?


When is the .bmp and .csv file stored?
  • After 60 Seconds if there is no further activity
  • After changing the Program step
  • After changing the implant position
Which adjustments are possible?


FAQ_Zeichen FAQ MATERsurg/EXPERTsurg  Values can ONLY be edited within the predefined range of the dedicated icons!

Which parts of the tubing can be sterilized and which cannot?
  • The complete tubing for the irrigation medium is just for single use and must be thrown away after every patient. This leads to higher patient safety, longer lifetime and better flexibility of the motor tube.
  • The motor tube as well as the motor can be thermally disinfected and sterilized.
Disinfection of housing surface
  • All device surfaces can be disinfected with wipe disinfection. Material test and approval was carried out with following medium:
    • FD 322 Dürr
    • Microcide AF Liquid (Schülke & Mayr)
Is it possible to use the device in potentially explosive atmospheres?
  • No, the device must not be used in potentially explosive atmospheres.
  • Furthermore the device must not be used in oxygen enriched areas (see instruction of use).
Will there be devices e.g. for workshops available?
  • As in the past, there will be demo units as exhibits for training courses available.
  • For reservations contact Mrs. Purtseladze: (link sends e-mail), Tel. +49 7351 – 56 1900
  • Except of demo units for exhibitions. These have to be ordered as usual.
General Trouble Shooting

Pump symbol shows yellow background 


Spray-hose is not connected


Display does not match with reality


Pre-selected tranission is wrong


Motor symbol shows yellow background


Motor is not connected, defect motor  tube or motor


Auto calibration fails


Defect contra-angles or motor


„I can‘t preselect my request speed.“


Limitation by pre-selected icon


„Warning E 42 or E 47 Hardware failure“


Moisture inside the plug of the motor hose



Non-functional device

  • The unit is switched off.

    • Switch-on the mains switch on the rear of the unit.

  • Neither end of the power cable is plugged in.

    • Plug in the power input cable.

  • Unknown

    • Turn the unit off and on.

  • Blown fuse

    • Contact customer service.


No coolant in the hand‐piece. 

  • The coolant flow pre-selec‐ted. Pump is off.

    • Pre-select coolant flow.

  • Hose fixation is not plug‐ged in.

    • Plug in the hose fixation.

  • Bottle is empty.

    • Connect new bottle.

  • Hose clamp is closed.

    • Open the hose clamp.

  • Pump locking mechanism is not closed.

    • Check and close, if needed, the closing mechanism

  • Hose is kinked.

    • Check hose and remove the kink, if any.

  • Glass bottle containing the coolant is not ventilated.

    • Open the cap on the ventilation valve of the puncture needle.


Insufficient coolant flow in the instrument

  • Spray nozzles are crusty or soiled.
    • Clean the spray nozzles with the nozzle needle or reprocess the part.
  • Glass bottle containing the coolant is not ventilated
    • Open the cap on the ventilation valve of the puncture needle.

The motor makes a grinding noise or does not run smoothly

  • The motor is not correctly plugged on or screwed on.
    • Firmly insert the motor hose into the housing.
    • Firmly screw on the motor hose to the motor.
    • Check if all the connections and couplings are firmly seated.

No light on the straight or contra-angle handpiece

  • The light is not turned on.
    • Turn on the light.
  • The straight and contra-angle handpiece is improperly attached.
    • Attach the straight and contra-angle handpiece until     the catch audibly locks.
  • Defective LED.
    • Replace the LED.
  • Not a suitable straight and contra-angle handpiece.
    • Use a suitable light, straight and contra-angle handpiece.

Error messages from software


Event E3: Release the foot pedal

  • Foot control was activated while the unit started up.
    • Release the foot control.

Event E4: Data initialisation

  • Setting data newly initialised
    • Confirm message and check or correct the program settings. If the problem persists, notify service engineer

Event E6: Internal communication error

  • Internal system error.
    • Turn the unit off and on. If the problem persists, notify service engineer.

Event E9: Setting the time and date

  • Time was not reset after re-start.
    • Setting the date and time.
    • If the problem persists, have a service engineer replace the battery of the real-time clock.

Event E29: SD card write protection

  • SD memory card is write-protected or defective.
    • Switch the write-protect switch on the left side of the card upwards to "unlock", "write" or the like.
    • If the problem persists, use a new SD memory card.
    • If the problem persists, notify service engineer.

All events >30: Hardware error

  • Internal system error.
    • Turn the unit off and on. If the problem persists, notify service engineer.

Events E36 and E37: Motor overload

  • Overtemperature on stator. Over-current > nominal current.
    • Let the motor rest. If the problem persists, notify service engineer.

Event E47

  • Residual moisture in the plug of the motor cable can lead to false recognition of an E47 error during the start-up test of the device.
    • Turn the device off.
    • Disconnect the motor cable from the device.
    • Turn the device on.
    • Connect the motor cable.
    • Make sure that water cable and motor plug are absolutely dry.
    • Do not drive with compressed air as this may drive liquid into the plug.
    • If the problem persists, notify service engineer.

Foot control symbol has a yellow background

  • Foot control malfunction.
    • Check if the foot control plug is plugged in.
    • Check if the foot control is installed correctly.
    • If the problem persists, notify service engineer.

Motor symbol has a yellow background

  • No motor attached.
    • Connect the motor.

Pump symbol has a yellow background

  • Hose fixation is not plugged in.
    • Plug in the coolant hose.

One-touch calibration failed

  • Straight or contra-angle handpiece is too sluggish.
    • Perform a run in the absence of the straight or contra-angle handpiece.
    • If no error message is displayed, the handpiece runs too sluggish.
    • Use a different straight or contra-angle handpiece.
  • If the run in the absence of the straight or contra-angle handpiece again produces an error message, the motor torque is too low.
    • Use a different motor; possibly return the motor for repair.

Service symbol is green

  • Service is due soon.
    • Arrange a precautionary appointment at a KaVo subsidiary or with a KaVo authorised dealer.

Service symbol is yellow

  • Service period is expired.
    • Arrange an appointment at a KaVo subsidiary or with a KaVo authorised dealer.

Service symbol is red

  • Service overdue: > 4 months
    • Arrange an appointment immediately at a KaVo subsidiary or with a KaVo authorised dealer.

Error message "SD card defective" during software update

  • SD card is formatted incorrectly or SD card is defective.
    • Format SD card in FAT16 or FAT32 format or use new CD card. Then repeat the updating process.