The electronic measuring system for your diagnosis and therapy

ARCUSdigma, instrument-based functional diagnosis: a milestone towards the "digital office" and ideal support for your diagnosis and therapy. It was never that easy!

ARCUSdigma Articulation


  • When using the KaVo PROTARdigma articulator, model mounting does not require a facebow.
  • KaVo is the only manufacturer worldwide, offering an integrated solution in one KaVo treatment unit.
  • Perfect hygiene by customary smooth-surface wipe disinfection. Operation of the PC keyboard is unnecessary.


Solves your task!

With the KaVo ARCUSdigma, mandibular movements can be quickly and precisely detected. In addition, the system offers a fast, economical and practical application of specific and therapeutically relevant methods of instrumental function analysis. By increasing the number of sensors to four transmitters and eight microphones, the measuring precision has been substantially increased in comparison to its predecessor, the ARCUSdigma.


  • Integration into the treatment centre
  • Integrated, electronic face-bow
  • Can be operated without PC during measurement
  • Integrated database with VDDS interface
  • Export/import function
  • Network software
  • Compact design
  • Battery operation possible


Therapy support

  • Articulator programming for fully-adjustable articulators
  • 3 methods for centric determination
  • Analysis of a therapeutic position (for static splints)

Diagnosis support

  • Mandibular movement analysis
  • Localisation of painful temporomandibular joint positions
(optional), for dynamic splints
  • 3D comparison of arbitrary occlusal positions
  • Analysis of muscle activity (EMG) optional


ARCUSdigma Articulation

Perfect visualisation by integration into the treatment centre

Utilise the patient oriented visualisation of the ARCUSdigma software as a targeted marketing measure in your practice: During the measurement with the ARCUSdigma and in the following counselling interview, all movements will be displayed on the monitor in an easily understandable way.

Statements and information from the patient, can be documented via a special input field and can be assigned to the patient, in the ARCUSdigma database.

Presentations of a course of therapy by measurements prior to and after the therapy support the dentist in the daily practice routine. The measures data can be digitally transmitted to practices and laboratories worldwide.

KaVo is the only manufacturer worldwide, offering an integrated solution

The ARCUSdigma can be mechanically adapted to the assistant element of the KaVo ESTETICA E70/E80 treatment unit. Data transfer follows via the optional USB interface on the unit.

Functional dental prosthesis

Savings, by massive reduction of occlusion adjustments in the patient's mouth.

  • Calculation of all settings for fully-adjustable articulators, in less than 5 min.
  • Upper jaw model mounting according to KaVo transfer system, or individual axis determination. With the option to select a large number of articulators from other manufacturers.
  • Analysis of the centric position of the lower jaw, for the lower jaw model mounting (optional with electromyographic support).


Without compromise, by customary smooth-surface wipe disinfection.

  • The ARCUSdigma concept is based on decades-long experience with hygiene.
  • Smooth, disinfectable pushbuttons and a foot-switch control all aspects
of the instrumental assessment.
  • The dentist does not need a PC keyboard, while taking measurements of the patient.


ARCUSdigma Articulation

Temporomandibular joint diagnosis, treatment of CMD patients

ARCUSdigma analyses and documents all necessary data, for this highly-lucrative market segment.

  • Efficient movement analysis developed by professionals, for a profound diagnosis, displaying the kinematic axis and the incisal point.
  • Complete documentation of therapeutic progress, in movement analysis.
  • Determination of painful temporomandibular joint positions and calculation of dynamic splints
(according to Prof. Dr. Axel Bumann).
  • Analysis of a therapeutic position of the lower jaw, for static splints and definitive denture, respectively.
  • Optional communication with specialists, by means of a data export function, via the Internet.


Electronic movement analysis in prosthetic therapy

The expenditure of time for correcting malocclusions and the danger of damaging the ceramics when carrying out such corrections, can be largely or fully avoided by a movement analysis.

The ARCUSdigma takes only a few minutes, to precisely determine all articulator settings and supports the dentist in determining the centric position of the lower jaw.

Electronic movement analysis in the diagnostics

Temporomandibular joint troubles are being diagnosed for an ever-increasing number of patients. The ARCUSdigma analyses and documents temporomandibular movements and the therapeutic process for profound diagnostics.

ARCUSdigma localises painful temporomandibular positions, using special, optionally available analytical software (according to Prof. Dr. A. Bumann). An integrated calculation module, permits the practice-oriented therapeutic realisation of the findings, with the KaVo PROTARdigma articulator, immediately after the diagnostics.

Thus, it becomes possible to realise not only the therapeutically necessary occlusion, but for the first time, also to carry out dynamic occlusion in the dental laboratory and not be limited to achieving this time-consuming procedure in the dentist's chair.

Sensory system

  • Ultrasonic run-time measurement 40 KHz
  • 16 Measuring paths
  • Measurement accuracy +/- 0.1 mm
  • Reading rate 50 Hz
  • Weight lower jaw sensory system 38 g

ARCUSdigma control unit

  • Medical Device Class 1
  • W 345 mm, D 300 mm, H 100 mm
  • Weight 340 g
  • Mains/battery operation
  • Data storage via USB port or SD card



  • Central database for storing arbitrary digital information
  • Import/export function, for static and dynamic measurements
  • Network software, with 6 licences for 10 workstations each, include

ARCUSdigma analytical software

  • For Windows XP and Windows 7 32/64 Bit. (in preparation)
  • Coordinates of the selected axis system and the incisal points
  • Measuring path recording +/- 0.1 mm
  • Angle values +/- 2°
  • Distance/time diagram
  • Muscle activity potential (optional)
  • ASCII data export (e.g. virtual articulator for CAD CAM)


Variations and accessories

    Material number ARCUSdigma USB
Articulator programming



Girrbach Artex





Determining centrics

guided centric

Adduction field

Gothic arch


Lower jaw positioning    
Movement analysis Diagnosis module  
Comparison of occlusal position EPA  
Localisation of painful temporomandibular
joint positions
EAEF 1.005.4122 º
Analysis of muscle activity EMG 1.005.4123 º
PROTARdigma   1.005.4121 º º
Attachment to KaVo E70/E80   1.005.4127 º º
Active USB extension cord (5m)   1.004.6953 º
Upper jaw bite fork   1.000.8518
Lower jaw attachment   1.000.9291
Support pin registration with
  1.002.9162 º º
Occlusional plane display   1.002.5159 º º



Standard equipment


Optional equipment


Not possible
ARCUSdigma Articulation

Data transmission to the KaVo PROTARdigma articulator


When using the KaVo PROTARdigma articulator, model mounting does not require a face-bow.

The complete data transmission from the patient to the articulator is called PROTARdigma. Upper jaw model mounting with the KTS system by KaVo, or classical model mounting by means of arbitrary and individual hinge axis respectively, are the basis for any articulation.

Dynamic movement parameter settings at the articulator joints and lower jaw model mounting using ARCUSdigma, make it possible to ideally achieve the desired goal.



ARCUSdigma Articulation

Analysing with ARCUSdigma...

Contents of the ARCUSdigma data sheet:

  • Joint path inclination
  • Bennett angle
  • Immediate side shift
  • Shift angle
  • Anterior tooth guidance
  • Canine guidance
  • Localisation of the individual centric and kinematic axes, respectively
  • Determination of the centric relation
  • Localisation of painful temporomandibular joint positions



ARCUSdigma Articulation

… and reproduce with PROTARdigma

The legendary, highly-precise mechanics of the KaVo PROTARdigma articulator, reproduce all the movements necessary, for prosthetic therapy. Thus, the PROTARdigma articulator, provides the pre-requisites for designing a functional, chewing surface.


That is what our customers say about the KaVo ARCUSdigma

(Senior physician) Dr. U. Wegmann, University. Bonn

Particularly during the past few years, we have increasingly learned how important occlusion is, not only for our stomatognathic system, but also for the entire holding and supporting apparatus of ourbody. Therefore, I consider it extremely important both for function diagnosis and therapy as well as for the regular prosthetic treatment of my patients to have reliable methods for adjusting a perfect function-oriented occlusion.

With the ARCUSdigma registering system, for the first time I now have an instrument at my disposal, that offers all necessary modules for both diagnosis and therapy. In addition to the three-dimensional movement analysis of the condyles, including the incisal points, with the ARCUSdigma I can now use a computer-assisted procedure, to record all parameters for articulator programming, plus for the first time also the centric positions, using different methods.

This ideal combination of multiple diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities, makes it an indispensable instrument in my everyday practice, for supplying high-quality prosthetic replacements and function therapy. (link sends e-mail)

Dr. K- R. Herrmann, Lübeck

Since January 2009, I have been using the ARCUSdigma with the optionally available EMG module in my practice. What could not be initially envisaged as such, but has turned out to be very important, is the use I am making of electromyography (EMG) in sight of my patients, using a wall monitor (also as biofeedback), which has become a fixed element of my treatment concept: "Temporomandibular joint orthopaedics".

The temporomandibular joint orthopaedics® of Dr. Herrmann can be carried-out with perfection only with EMG-controlled occlusion optimisation. As a quality control, the EMG measurements document bio-functional muscle harmony in a chewing system, adjusted with mandibular joint orthopaedics. Thus, this EMG measuring method employed for controlling the function therapy is the mandatory prerequisite for the KGO therapeutic approach to a dental forever young®. (® = DPMA registered).

E-mail: (link sends e-mail)

Dentallabor Mühe GmbH, Cottbus

Due to the optimal temporomandibular joint measurement with the ARCUSdigma and the transfer of these values to the articulator, a precise, functional chewing surface and anterior tooth design is possible.

E-mail: (link sends e-mail)

Dr. C. Mentler, Dortmund

In addition to the possibility of fast and safe articulator programming and offers the recording of the individual joint paths and assists in spatially recording the position of the lower jaw.

In this context, it is possible to compare the centric contact position with the habitual contact position and various manipulated positions of the lower jaw. The ARCUSdigma is a helpful complement to dental function diagnosis.

E-mail: (link sends e-mail)

Dr. Pfanne, Steina

We have been using ARCUSdigma in our dental practice for 2 years now. With ARCUSdigma, we are a position to transfer the patient information of our dental laboratory very „realistically“.

Quality improvement was attained both in the splint therapy and in the prosthetic treatment.The application of the technology is simple, practice-relevant and comfortable for the patients. The pertinent software is „technically mature“ and has been completely integrated into the everyday practice routine. Therefore we are convinced users of ARCUSdigma.

E-mail: (link sends e-mail)

Dentallabor Herbert Thiel GmbH, Amtzell

Several hundred ARCUSdigma measurements have for many years been the basis of our extensive, functional restorations. Due to the numerous analytical options of the ARCUSdigma, we obtain extensive, reliable patient data, for elaborate, complete restorations.

With the data from the EPL test and a confirmed ARCUSdigma centric, we produce not only bite splints, but also Re-Po splints with functional elements. The possibility to program our PROTAR articulator three-dimensionally, according to measured ARCUSdigma values, makes it possible for us to create occlusion surfaces that are not only visually attractive, but also functional.

The purchase of the ARCUSdigma for our laboratory, with the intention to make it available to our customers, has turned out to be a high-quality marketing tool.

E-mail: (link sends e-mail)


KaVo ARCUSdigma: Funktionsdiagnostik der nächsten Generation
Mit dem KaVo ARCUSdigma können Unterkieferbewegungen schnell und präzise erfasst werden. Darüber hinaus ermöglicht das System eine schnellere, wirtschaftliche und praxisgerechte Anwendung spezifischer und therapeutisch relevanter Methoden der Instrumentellen Funktionsanalyse. Durch die Erhöhung der Sensorzahl auf vier Sender und acht Mikrophone konnte die Messgenauigkeit im Vergleich zum Vorgänger ARCUSdigma wesentlich gesteigert werden.
14 - Dr. Hans Walter Lang Germany - De ce avem nevoie de axiografia computerizata
Why we need Computerized Axiography - ARCUS Digma De ce avem nevoie de axiografia computerizata




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