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Invivo5 is a high performance, volume rendering package comparable to other expensive radiology software

Invivo5 is Anatomage’s renowned medical imaging software and is FDA cleared for clinical applications. Invivo is a high performance, volume rendering package comparable to other expensive radiology software. Open any patient scan (MRI, CT, PET) for immediate 2D slice viewing or instant 3D reconstruction. Users can make measurements both in 2D and 3D for clinical or research applications. Invivo expands on the functionality of the Anatomage Table by providing additional tools for content creation such as three-dimensionally annotating and segmenting patient scans for use directly on the Anatomage Table. Every purchase of the Anatomage Table comes with a copy of Invivo and its Medical Design Studio module.

Create Custom Annotations

With the simple click of the mouse, users can add custom comments and text to any patient scan data in 2D or 3D views. Useful for landmark identification or anatomy examination purposes, the annotations dynamically adjust with the volume renderings on both the Anatomage Table and Invivo software. Annotations can even be made to have filters for sorting into systems and regions when viewing on the Anatomage Table.

Invivo5 X-ray Software


Compare Cases

Invivo allows users to quickly and accurately superimpose two patient cases in the same viewing space for immediate comparison. Comparisons can be made not only in traditional 2D slice images but also volumetrically. Visibly track tumor growths; review pre- and post-surgery cases; compare chest volume between inhalation and exhalation.

Invivo5 X-ray Software


Isolate Anatomy and Capture Videos

With Invivo’s built-in cutting tools, users can easily and intuitively sculpt any patient scan data to emphasize particular anatomy. With the video capture tool, patient volumes can be rotated, zoomed, clipped, and recorded to quickly and easily share videos with students and colleagues.

Invivo5 X-ray Software


View it on the Anatomage Table

Every Anatomage Table comes with a copy of Invivo that can be be installed on a separate laptop or workstation. Any content created in the Invivo software is fully compatible for interacting with and viewing on the Anatomage Table. Prepare your own patient cases and generate examination material for streamlined presentations on the Anatomage Table.

Invivo5 X-ray Software




Medical Design Studio

The Medical Design Studio module (MD Studio) is an optional plug-in for the Invivo software that allows for more advanced content creation. From any patient scan, users can create or import digital models for simulations or presentations. Users can even export these digital models and send them to 3D printers for prototyping or designing. When purchasing the Anatomage Table, customers will receive a copy of Invivo with MD Studio as well as training to expand their Anatomage Table application capabilities.

Create Digital Models from Patient Scans

MD Studio gives users the flexibility to not only isolate anatomy but also create digital surface models of that anatomy directly from a patient MR or CT scan. These models better emphasise anatomical structures and can even be used to simulate movements or variations. Furthermore, users can export these digital models and send them to 3D printers to make physical models as well.


Import Digital Models into Your Patient Scans

With MD Studio, users can import digital models from other design software into the patient scan environment. Models of medical devices or surgical tools can be virtually fitted and moved for a particular patient to better understand designs and procedures.


View it on the Anatomage Table

Any content created using the MD Studio module and Invivo anatomy viewing software can be saved with the patient scan and is fully compatible with the Anatomage Table. Simulations and medical device models can be viewed on a life-size scale in a user-friendly touchscreen environment.