Style meets softness.

Released at - 01.08.2018

RELAXline Soft Upholstery for KaVo treatment units.

You will see: the fascinating, elegant colour – graphite or cashmere – and the superb design.
You will feel: the extremely comfortable memory foam, covered in a soft and smooth material.
Your patients will say: “Rarely have I been so comfortable at the dentist, even during longer treatments, as on this KaVo treatment unit with KaVo RELAXline Soft Upholstery.”

So soft, so relaxing, so stylish: RELAXline Soft Upholstery.

How can a KaVo treatment unit become even more comfortable for the patient? Thanks to a particularly Soft Upholstery that adapts to the contours of the patient, optimising positioning and enabling the dentist to work efficiently, even during longer treatments. KaVo is launching the new RELAXline Soft Upholstery for its ESTETICA E70/E80 Vision, ESTETICA E50 Life and Primus 1058 Life in September. A high-quality memory foam, wrapped in a leather-like material available in two elegant colours, provides exceptionally high levels of comfort.

Handmade, available in two elegant colours.

The new KaVo RELAXline Soft Upholstery is available in two elegant colours: the graphite and cashmere shades instantly captivate your eyes, and fit perfectly with the décor of a modern dental practice. On a closer look, the intricate details become apparent. The precise, high-quality, hand-sewn designer stitching serves as proof of the fact that the new KaVo RELAXline Soft Upholstery is exclusively manufactured by hand in Germany.

Touch it, and experience the comfort for yourself.

The new KaVo RELAXline Soft Upholstery turns the whole treatment into a calming, comfortable experience. The high-quality upholstery looks like and feels like leather. This is used on both the treatment chair and the KaVo dentist stool: KaVo PHYSIOs are also available in the elegant graphite and cashmere colours. The covers are antimicrobial protection certified, in accordance with EPA regulations (United States Environmental Protection Agency).

Precision for your practice – made by KaVo.

"With our new RELAXline Soft Upholstery, we now have even more options for tailoring a KaVo treatment unit to your own specifications”, says Jan Kucher, Commercial Director of Facilities D|A|CH at KaVo. "The appealing softness and unique appearance is hard to describe – the best way to experience it is in person. We therefore cordially invite all dentists to try out the new RELAXline Soft Upholstery at the upcoming trade fairs or at specialist dental dealers.”

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