DEXIS by KaVo—Confidence in Imaging

From remarkable image quality to award-winning products, the legacy of DEXIS has joined forces with the excellence in training, support, and innovation of KaVo Imaging Solutions.

Now, you have access to a multifaceted industry-leading imaging ecosystem, all under one roof.

A New Standard in Patient Comfort

By pairing the newly developed flexible sensor technology with a soft housing, FS Ergo can “give” as X-rays are being captured. The latest innovation to redefine comfort, the FS Ergo enables dental professionals to treat their patients to an unparalleled comfortable experience.

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Next Generation Software Architecture

The DEXIS Software platform is a centralized imaging hub that can be customized to fit the needs of your practice, using our proprietary software modules. Reduce a 25-minute FMX procedure to less than 5 minutes and view images instantly after exposure. DEXIS is your answer to efficient, effective dental workflows.

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