DEXIS and 3D Technology: Intelligent progress made effortless

DEXIS is helping you take your dental imaging to a new dimension. Not only does DEXIS deliver the best image quality and resolution, it partners with state of the art 2D and 3D Computed Technology from KaVo and i-CAT.

This integration of KaVo with DEXIS transforms the way you diagnose and treat patients with advanced 2D Panoramic and 3D CBCT imaging.

KaVo: The versatile panoramic and 3D programs offer imaging excellence for a variety of users, including General Practice, Periodontists, Endodontists and Maxillofacial Surgeons.                                                                              

i-CAT: The award-winning and industry-trusted cone beam 3D imaging can capture all initial records in a single, low-dose scan that takes a mere 4.8 seconds. This is a uniquely powerful feature for all dentists, especially Orthodontists!


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WHY 3D Computed Technology

  • Computerized Tomography (CT) improves upon conventional 2D radiography by producing 3D cross-sectional images from flat x-ray images.
  • Produce 3D images of teeth structure, soft tissues, nerve pathways and bone in a single scan for complex diagnostics and comparative data.
  • Treat your patients with 3D dentistry for a superior view that supports your diagnosis and helps you effectively determine the next steps toward better treatment.

WHY a single scan of 3D CBCT machine is better

  • Less radiation: CBCT scanners reduce patients’ exposure to radiation by limiting it to specified areas.
  • Short Scan Time:  3D CBCT scans can acquire all scan images in a single rotation.
  • Image Accuracy: CBCT imaging has crisp resolution so you can pinpoint the exact measurement for a procedure.
  • See more, treat more:  A single scan of CBCT machine lets you see pathology, infections, nerves, musculature, and more so you can properly treat dental-caused sinus issues and plan for root canals, implants and extractions with confidence. 
  • Evaluate Bone Quality: CBCT is helpful in determining if there is sufficient bone for implant placement as well as the size and location of lesions and breaks.

Common Uses of 3D Imaging:

  • Cosmetic / Restoration: 3D imaging helps prepare the patient for reconstructive therapy or oral surgery while giving you more to effectively plan complex treatments that can range from implants, bone grafts, and root canals, to inlays, onlays, crowns and veneers.
  • Orthodontic: Create a 3D image used for diagnosing orthodontic concerns and treatment planning.
  • Implants: Deliver an efficient one-time fitting session, precise measurement, and personalized treatment plan by determining the correct placement for dental implants and surgery.

How is 3D CBCT beneficial to patients?

  • Quicker diagnosis and treatment plans:  3D CBCT imaging can identify pathology, infections, abnormal sinus anatomy, and joint dysfunctions for a customized treatment plan upfront.
  • Minimal radiation exposure: The KaVo Imaging and i-CAT CBCT portfolio offers a variety of resolutions to help reduce patient exposure.
  • Non-intrusive: Maximize patient comfort by eliminating the need for molds or sensors when capturing images.
  • Lower cost convenience: Save time and costs by having 3D imaging in your office and eliminating the need for third party CT scans.
  • Short scan time: Get a pan/ceph/3D/airway analysis/models in a 4.8 second scan with i-CAT.


DEXIS and 3D Technology: Intelligent progress made effortless
Advance your practice with the confidence of knowing that you have the highest level of integration that harmonizes seamlessly with your DEXIS system.
DEXIS and 3D Technology: The Ultimate Partnership.
KaVo and i-CAT technology offer seamless integration and a simple workflow by providing the ability to launch your 3D imaging directly from DEXIS.
DEXIS™ and 3D Technology: Customer Testimonial
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