Basic Study Models™

Teeth & Study Models

KaVo Basic study models™ for the initial stations of dental training.

  • Patented Retention Mechanism holds the simulated teeth precisely in the model base, but allows them to be easily removed.
  • Faster cast change by means of a "click", thanks to optional magnet system.
  • Natural anatomy and occlusion.
  • Exact, reproducible position of teeth in the model.
  • Anatomical layout with all morphological details.
  • The students thus practise under "human" conditions and can quickly grasp the functional relationship between tooth shape and morphology of the temporomandibular joint.

For the Initial Stations of Dental Training

Anatomical features, such as the Pound line, Spee curve and Wilson curve, are integrated in the model. The 1 to 2 tooth relationships are guaranteed and the tooth mobility ensures natural handling with wedges and matrix bands. The patented snap system permits fast tooth change with exact positioning even with models mounted in the mouth. You save complicated screwing and any amount of time and nerves. Click, click, click...


  • Delivery mounted in labelled, reusable individual transparent boxes.
  • Snap-in teeth made of melamine resin with artificial root and numbering.
  • Soft PVC gingiva in natural color.
  • Plastic cast base. Can be used for all partial dentures and complete denture.
  • Black plastic spring element for tooth fixing.
  • Stainless steel plate for fastening teeth and fixing the model in the patient simulator (using M6 screw or with magnet).
  • Optional: Magnet fastening instead of screwing.
  • Optional: locking comb for locking the catch mechanism. Tests/impressions.