Model Teeth

Teeth & Study Models

All KaVo model teeth approximate in their hardness to human dentine and are produced from a food-resistant material. In this way, you give your students the look and feel of genuine teeth and are on the safe side with regard to work safety. The tooth shapes correspond exactly to an anatomical layout and thus impart the complexity and attractiveness of natural teeth.

  • Work safety through food-resistant material.
  • Look and feel of genuine teeth through anatomical shape and dentine hardness.
  • Fast tooth change with precise reproducibility of the position and occlusion through the patented snap system.
  • Test security through laser-engraved teeth.

The KaVo EWL Model Teeth Are Available In Four Different Systems

  • 32 model teeth with artificial, numbered "roots" for clicking into KaVo tooth models. Integrated numbering facilitates orientation for students.
  • 32 model teeth as above, but specifically marked for examination situations with a laser engraving at the bottom on the artificial root.
  • 32 model teeth with anatomically shaped roots for surgery, periodontics and implantology.
  • 24 model teeth for children's dentistry.


The teeth are available in packs of 10 or 100 and supplied economically and in an environment-friendly manner in transparent bags. The complete set of 32 is mounted in a moulded foam, sub-divided into 2 half-arcs.